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28 February 2015

We have now seen Sweeney Todd, a show so bloody there is a "blood manager" listed on the crew.  And tomorrow it's Julius Caesar, the Ides of March and all that jazz.  Oh for a musical!

I spent today trying to reorganize a bit of my office so I could add the binders where I will keep all the information about the new children I will be writing to through Compassion.  This involved moving a lot of old photo disks into a cupboard, freeing up space on the bookcase where they have been sitting.

But you never know what you're going to find when you clean out anything.  It was a trip down memory lane when I found printed e-mails from Laura Morefield, Susie Miller, and Mike Kelly, all now long-gone, and all long before their time.

I also found the coroner's report on Paul's death and reviews of two of his monologue shows, as well as the best picture ever taken of David.  I have copies of it on my computer, but had lost the original copy.  There was also a copy of a book I had typed for a friend of Walt's, who was a biologist.  I think that will go to Logos!

Then I drove out to Costco (and got out of there under $100...a first!).  The ride out was absolutely glorious.  The clouds just begged to be photographed.

There were fields carpeted with brilliant yellow goldenrod, but the highway department, old poops them, have built roads with no place to turn off and take in the scenery, so I had to make do with this shot taken from a little pull out for a bus to take on passengers. 

This was facing in a different direction

Lamb was reasonably priced at Costco, so we had lamb chops for dinner, the dogs' favorite.  None of them was interested in their own dinner, but only wanted to sit at the table and drool over our lamb chops.  Fortunately we had three T-bones, so each dog could get one.

Tomorrow I have more of the same, minus the lamb chops, and then out for another bloody show. 

Fortunately, on Sunday we are going out to brunch with Ned and Marta for Walt's birthday (a few days late)


He lived long and prospered.
Now he can rest in peace


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