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12 February 2015

Flowering trees in Davis always bloom in February.  And I always think it's too early because it's like...the dead of winter.

But our apple tree is starting to put out blossoms.  In another week, it will be in full blossom.

All over town there are trees that are already in full blossom.

F Street is always spectacular because it is lined on both sides of the street with trees that burst into abundant white blossoms (I don't know what kind of trees they are--not fruit trees) and when you drive down the street, it feels like you are passing through an arbor of flowers.  They aren't all in bloom yet, but one early bird is already.

Today I drove down to Crockett to meet Char for lunch, again, at the Dead Fish restaurant.  The drive from here to there passes by orchard after orchard and you can see the blossoms just beginning to come out.  I'm taking my mother to San Rafael on Monday for lunch (the group wants to celebrate my birthday, which is Tuesday).  I am hoping that by the time we start our drive, the orchards will be in close to full bloom.  She will love that.

Also, to go from the valley, where we live, toward San Francisco, you pass over the Vaca "mountains" (really just hills). For most of the year, the hills are covered with dry grass and cows (appropriate, since "vaca" means "cow"). But at this time of year, especially after the rain that we have had, the hills are a lush green, covered with the newly growing vegetation.  It only lasts a week or two, but that period of time is glorious and you really feel a sense of Mother Nature waking up from a long nap and starting to get to work again.

Char was already there when I got to the restaurant.  As I had requested, they had seated us at a window table, where we could look out on the Carquinez Bridge.

If there's one thing I love it's a restaurant with a view out to water and a bridge!

The lunch was, as I knew it would be, wonderful.  We both ordered gin fizzes and we both agreed that what we got wasn't exactly the gin fizz that we remember, but I thought it was still tasty.

For lunch this time I chose garlic noodles with crab.  I expected the crab to be a mound on top of the noodles...and that was there, but the crab was also all throughout the pasta, not only flaked crab, but lumps of crab as well.  It was a spectacular dish.

In fact, it was a bit too much for me and I brought a small amount of it home and served it to Walt for dinner tonight.

As I was driving home, I was not feeling well.  I had experienced some mild nausea earlier in the day, but was feeling OK when I left for the drive, but getting back into the car it returned and I couldn't wait to get home and dive into my recliner.  By dinnertime I was feeling fine, but I didn't have much dinner, just in case.

My cough is 100% better.  It's still hanging around, but the doctor recommended Mucinex, as a decongestant I could take that wouldn't interfere with the other meds I take and it is a miracle drug.  I don't know why I didn't contact her a week ago.


Happy Birthday, Alice Nan!!


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