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31 August 2015

Well, I'll Be... Meme  (it sounds more like the Barbara Walters meme!)

Stolen from: Vulgar Darling

If I were a month, Id be:
March, when the city is ablaze with blossoms, the wildflowers cover the hills, and the weather is still cool enough to be pleasant.

If I were a day of the week, Id be:
Friday, they day after I work at Logos when I have several days ahead of me with nothing to do.  Unless I have a show to review, of course.  Let me rethink this.....

If I were a planet, Id be:
Pluto--and I'd fight to get my "planet-hood" restored.

If I were a god or goddess, Id be:
Amphictyonis, the goddess of wine and friendship between nations.

If I were a sea animal, Id be:
A jellyfish.  Beautiful, graceful, and brainless, yet deadly.  Sounds good to me!

If I were a piece of furniture, Id be:
My desk, of course.  I'm already one with it half the time anyway.

If I were a gemstone, Id be:
An opal.  I had a beautiful one nice to be something that is so chameleon-like.

If I were a flower, Id be a:
Purple rose, only because those seem to be the only flowers that have a real scent any more.

If I were a kind of weather, Id be:
Grey, foggy, with a light rain in the afternoon.  Bliss.

If I were a color, Id be:
If I were an emotion, Id be:

If I were a fruit, Id be a:

If I were a sound, Id be:
small children giggling
If I were an element, Id be:
Photoshop Elements

If I were a place, Id be:
San Francisco

If I were a taste, Id be:
Something sweet, but salty

If I were a scent, Id be:
Puppy breath

If I were an object, Id be a

If I were a body part, Id be:

If I were a song, Id be:
Something heraldic, in the manner of a last act finale.

If I were a pair of shoes, Id be:



Happy 7th anniversary, Phil and Jeri!

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