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9 August 2015

Saturday 9: Rocky Mountain High (1975)

... because Bev recommended John Denver

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Denver sings that he was "born in the summer of his 27th year," because that's when he discovered the place where he felt most at home. What do you remember about your 27th year? (If it hasn't happened yet, what do you want to happen when you're 27?)

I was 27 in 1970, so pregnant with our fourth child.  My life was kids, LaLeche League, and nursery school.  (Child #4, Tom, was born in July of that year, his brother 2 years later)

2) In 2007, the Colorado General Assembly named this one of the state's two official songs. (The other is "Where the Columbines Grow.") Do you know your state song?

I may have had to look this up on Wikipedia for the particulars, but we sang this song in grammar school in the 1940s:  "I Love You, California" (1913) is the official state song of California. The lyrics were written by Francis Bernard Silverwood (1863-1924), a Los Angeles clothier, and the words were subsequently put to music by Abraham Franklin Frankenstein (1873-1934), then conductor of the Orpheum Theatre Orchestra. The production was published by Hatch & Loveland, Music Printers, Los Angeles, California,[1] and copyrighted by F.B. Silverwood in 1913. It was the official song of expositions held in San Francisco and San Diego in 1915.

3) John Denver was a dedicated environmentalist who wrote an anthem about Earth Day. Are you careful about your energy consumption? Do you recycle?

I am probably more conscientious of recycling than energy consumption, but do try to consume as little energy as I can.

4) 1975 is also the year that Denver released a collection of holiday songs called Rocky Mountain Christmas. On this August day, what's the first carol that comes to mind?

My first Christmas song that always comes to mind is "Silver Bells," though I have that John Denver recording and "Daddy Please Don't Get Drunk for Christmas" is memorable too!

5) Denver dabbled in photography in his spare time and friends say he was quite good. Tell us about your hobbies.

Nothing exciting.  Reading, TV watching, cooking, and amateur photography.  Also journal writing.

6) In 1975, when this song was popular, mood rings were all the rage. It was said that the ring reflected the wearer's mood. Black = anxious/stressed, orange = worried, green = normal, blue = happy, pink = as good as it gets. As you respond to this week's Saturday 9, what color would your mood ring be?

Based on your definitions, probably pink today. 

7) Pet Rocks were 1975's other odd cultural phenomenon. Do you have any real-life, breathing pets?

We now have two dogs.  Our third dog had to be put to sleep because of lymphoma two weeks ago.  We all still miss her.

8) 1975 saw the premiere of Wheel of Fortune. Are you good at word puzzles?

Pretty good.  I like word puzzles better than any other kind.  We are faithful Jeopardy watchers.  I got tired of Wheel but when I do watch it I'm pretty good.  Love Word with Friends.

9) Random question: Did you sleep well last night?

GREAT day to ask me this question.  So often I have difficulty sleeping, but last night I fell asleep around 1 and slept through until 7, except for a brief run to the bathroom at 3, which seems to be programmed into my body's biological clock.


Think this was what precipitated her split with Kermit?

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