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5 August 2015

Sheila's been gone for awhile now, but people still think about her fondly. We got home from a show the other night and found a package in our mailbox.  This was inside.

It was from Ashley and her husband Dave and is about the rainbow bridge that animals cross over when they die, waiting there to meet us when it's finally our turn.  It was such a thoughtful gift.  Ashley was the SPCA person who gave us Sheila in the first place and has been her dog sitter and groomer for nearly 10 years.

And then yesterday I got this very special book from Brianna:

It's about an adventure that a dog named Sheila takes into the forest where she finds a banana tree, climbs it and eats a banana because she is hungry.  I cannot tell you how emotional this made me, not because of Sheila but because Brianna had made it for me and mailed it to me.  It made me so happy that she had a chance to meet Sheila before she died.

This morning I made a short video thanking her for the book.  I told her I liked the part about the banana because I like bananas and asked if she did too.  I sent it by text to Tom.  This evening I got a video from Bri telling me that, in truth, she does like bananas.

I love this relationship that we are forming.  She has written me a couple of things and I can only assume that will increase as she gets older, and I love writing to her every week.  This week I told her about our trip to Seattle and included a few pictures, especially of the playground near the Space Needle which has the most amazing slide that I almost wanted to go on it myself.

It is so clever.  You have to climb the spider-web looking thing to get up to a platform, and then follow that around on a swinging walkway to the big silver tube, and that is the slide.  Bri is such an athletic thing, I could just see her climbing up and sliding down over and over again!

I would undoubtedly inflict great bodily harm on myself if I were to try!



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