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26 April 2015

1. Most unflattering hairstyle you ever had? What made it so unflattering?
The one I'm wearing now.  Bald, or nearly bald, is not my best look!

2. Favorite movie(s) that were made in the 90's?
Good Will Hunting, Schindler's List, The Sixth Sense, Toy Story and Mrs Doubtfire

3. Do you rent movies? If so, from where?
No.  We have Netflix streaming.

4. Do you like cookies better when they're just out of the oven or after they've cooled?
It depends on the cookies, but in general after they've cooled.

5. Do you still talk to the person who gave you your first kiss?
He is a Jesuit Brother and we have not seen each other in at least 30 years.  We exchange Christmas cards.

6. Did you go to pre-school? If so, what was the name of it?
No.  I don't know if they even had pre-school in the 1940s.

7. How do you take your coffee?
Strong and black.

8. Do you like fuzzy things?
Sure.  That's why we have 3 dogs.

9. Favorite kind of chocolate?
Milk chocolate.  See's, Lindt truffes, etc.

10. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?
A mix of both, but I hope mostly optimistic.

11. What about Do you think the site is mean, funny, or both?
I've heard of it, but I've never checked it out because I don't like humor at the expense of someone else.  Or, in other words, mean.

12. Do you like fat sandwiches? If so, what does your favorite one have on it?
Not really.  I like simple sandwiches.  My favorite may be tomato sandwich, with just tomato and mayo on balloon bread.  Or a lamb sandwich, with just lamb and mayo, again on balloon bead.  I don't like lettuce on any sandwich.

13. One restaurant you'd never been to but would like to go to?
There are a lot of restaurants on Check Please, Bay Area that I'd like to try, but they are too darn expensive. I'd also love to eat in many of the restaurants owned by Food Network chefs.

14. Last time you got a haircut? Do you need one?
March 13, when I had my head shaved to raise funds for children's cancer research. I think it will be awhile before I'll be needing a hair cut!

15. What's your favorite pattern for clothing (stripes, plaid, etc.)?
I guess solids.  But no conscious preference.

16. What's your age backwards?

17. When you see typos in a survey, do you correct them?

18. When was your last vacation? Did you go someplace special?
Last mini vacation was a month or so ago to Santa Barbara for a long weekend.  Last "big" vacation was in 2013, to Ukraine.

19. What's your favorite kind of pancakes?
Buttermilk, loaded with butter and maple syrup.

20. Do you like movies with computer graphics, like Avatar?
Not really.

21. Do you know how to sew?
Sewing?  What's that?  Is it anything like that thing they call "ironing" ?

22. Are you good at wrapping gifts?
I used to be fantastic, now I'm utilitarian.

23. Do you like flavored yogurt?
Yes, especially strawberry

24. How old will you be in December of 2015?
The reverse of question #16

25. What's the age difference between you and your siblings?
My sister was 4-1/2 years younger, but she was murdered in 1971, so I've been an only child longer than I was a sister.





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