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10 April 2015

Logos was infested by ants today.

Red ants.

Very big red ants.

Actually, the ants are part of the exhibit by our artist for the next month or two,  Jeffrey Granett.  The bulk of the works he posted throughout Logos reflect images from a number of reflections seen on buildings, distorted enough to make them abstract.

The ants, however, are made with linoleum blocks, he told me when he came in today to check and make sure that everything is still hanging the way he hung it originally. 

He seemed a nice guy and it was nice to meet him, though other than the ants, I find it hard to relate to his art!

This is the other linoleum block piece that he brought.  It sits over the desk and is actually kind of cool, when you see it in person. was a very. slow. day.  It was kind of the opposite of last week, where Anne had a dull morning and I had an active afternoon.  She sold over $100 in books today, I sold $32.  It was also Ann's last day filling in for Sandy.  I have missed Sandy and am looking forward to hearing about her vacation when she returns next week.

I chose "Moll Fladers" to read today, since we had seen a show last night about Mary Frith, a notorious pickpocket, pimp, and fence of 17th century London underworld, and DeFoe's book is apparently based on absolutely fascinating woman.

This seemed to be "couples day" as most of the customers were couples, like the first one that came in and left so quickly, I hardly had time to notice them.

But the next customer came in with 3 bargain books and when she had paid, she thanked me by name.  I don't have a clue who it was.

The next guy, with a bike messenger bag came in and left quickly, as did the next couple of girls, but I knew from the minute they walked through the door they would not stay long.

I was shocked when a red haired women in an Indian print vest, with a bag over her shoulder that had fringe longer than the bag itself walked past me from the back of the store.  She was rather unique looking and I had not seen her enter and wondered if she had been there in the back when Ann left.

A farmer walked in.  He was wearing Osh Kosh overalls with a plaid shirt and a farmer's hat.  He had a box of every Doonesbury book ever printed up to a certain point to donate.  They were "like new" he told me, because he never had time to read them. Since the books were packed in a Westlaw box, I'm wondering if he was actually an attorney, not a farmer.

As he left, he shook my hand and said that he would be back to see if we had more Star Trek books (he bought all we had last time he was in, he said)

A older middle-aged couple came in and the husband asked "do you mind if we browse?"  He and I talked about various book stores that have come and gone in Davis and he left after buying a book on world economics.

Two middle-aged couples came in together.  One of the men looked around and said "wow!" and they looked around for quite awhile before all 4 left without buying anything.

A younger couple came in (there were four couples in the store at this point) but they didn't buy anything either.

My new friend Jim (who had brought me a Lawsuit CD a few weeks ago) came in with his daughters, age 7 and 10.  They each bought a book and the younger one, after looking at Jeffrey Granett's art work, signed his guestbook saying "I like your pictures."

Another couple came in and left after buying a copy of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

And yet another couple came in, he wearing a Vietnam hat and a shirt with the name of a Navy vessel on it.  He told me that their son had recommended Logos, and I filled in the information that the store donated proceeds to charity (that always impresses new customers).

A brusque, no-nonsense guy came in with 3 bargain books, tossed $3 at me, chose bookmarks for each book, and marched out again.

The last customer was a woman who was looking for Diana Gabaldon books, so naturally we talked about the "Outlander" series.  I found Book 3 and 4 for her, but she was looking for Book 2.

Peter arrived to relieve me at 6, and Walt showed up shortly after that.



attacks on such laws will lead to people being placed in concentration camps and killed. - See more at:


I just didn't feel like cooking tonight, so we went to Steve's Pizza
and hit the salad favorite in town.


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