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29 October 2014

I released my inner bitch today and sent the following note to the manager (veteran, USAF) of Atria.

Mr. XXX,

I want to assure you that ordinarily I am not the kind of person to knit pick and complain a lot.  In the year and a half my mother has been at Atria, the FIRST time I complained was when her birthday went so badly.  (Mr. Ensley offered to do another meal for us, which was not possible, but Atria did not forget to charge us >$60 for the meal where they screwed everything up).

The second time I complained was last week when I mentioned that a chest of drawers in her living room had not been dusted and that the dust was so thick it could be seen from across the room.  Someone apparently came and dusted the FRONT of that chest, leaving the dust that has been gathering for weeks at the back of the chest untouched.

dustLR1.JPG (240392 bytes)

I went into her bedroom to check on her laundry and was met with this sight as I entered.

dustBR.JPG (259932 bytes)

Obviously the bedroom has not been dusted properly either.

Now,  I freely admit I am not a good housekeeper.  My house looks like this everywhere, but my mother has been a very good housekeeper all of her life.  She pays >$4,100 a month for Atria, which is supposed to include housekeeping.  When I grew up "housekeeping" included "dusting."  I would very much appreciate it if you would make sure that the woman who cleans her apartment does the dusting and not just half of a piece of furniture.  She is a very nice lady and very friendly, and I really don't want to make trouble for her, but I really think that since my mother has chosen to participate in none of the activities offered at Atria, the very least she should get for her >$4,100 is a clean apartment.

Thank you.

Beverly Sykes

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