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17 October 2014

My day started today with Coffee #4, with Jessica Cox.  My report is over on the Coffee link, but it was fun...and I put off having breakfast so I could enjoy a Peet's berry scone with my coffee.

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After we ended our coffee, I went to Supercuts to get a much-needed haircut, so I'm all ready for France now.

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In the afternoon, Walt dropped me off at Logos.  Sandy and I, who learned the last time I worked that we were both Judy Garland fans, today discovered we both loved vanGogh and we compared notes on our respective trips to the jaw-dropping vanGogh museum in Amsterdam.

An old man interrupted our chat, looking for a book about John Muir and/or Yosemite Park.  His eyesight was poor and he had difficulty looking on low shelves, so Sandy helped me find the right section to look.  He finally ended up buying "100 Years of Yosemite" and said he would take it home and read it with his magnifying glass.

A girl dressed in a most beautiful shade of salmon, accented with black, and perfectly matching her tan skin tone and hair, came in to ask if we had any job openings.  I explained that we didn't have paid employees and she left.

A professional type with black Albert Einstein hair bought a book about Roman History.

For the next hour+ there were no customers in the store.   Finally a guy came in looking for a book by an author I thought was John Belaire (but I can't find that name or anything like it on Amazon). He didn't find it and left.

Bruce came in with a book he had purchased earlier in the week.   It was a Guide Book to Diego Rivera frescoes.  It was a small $4 book and he said that he has very sensitive skin and something in the printing process made his fingers tingle, so he wanted to exchange it.  The policy is no returns or refunds, but Bruce is a good customer, so I just let him exchange the book.

My friend showed up at 4:10 and bought a book on architecture.   I told him about our upcoming cruise and he wished me well and said he'd see me when I get back.

A business type woman, carrying a lanyard and a book on sound innovations marched in, checked a couple of shelves and then left, but she turned to say goodbye as she walked out the door.

A smiling kind of roundish man with curly hair came in, a messanger bag over his shoulder.  He dropped the bag on the chair by the desk and went to check out the old books.  He ended up buying two of them, plus a book from the literature section.  His credit card didn't go through the first time, but it did when I tried it again.

A couple came in.  He was wearing a Pink Floyd shirt.  She had hair down past her shoulders, with a grey stripe down the middle of it, the hair held off her forehead by a clip to the hair on the back of her head.  She spent a lot of time looking through cookbooks and eventually bought one book about bread and another about ice cream.

Another couple came in, he with an Assassins Creed shirt, she with a topknot on her head the reminded me of something worn by one of the wives inThe King and I.  They both looked through old books, but didn't buy anything.

One couple came in, not to look at books, but to look at the new artwork on the walls, many of which are beautiful depictions of the South West.  Art works are by Don Harting and Larry Woelfel.

SWPaintings.jpg (160584 bytes)

A guy came in with an amazing shirt celebrating H.P. Lovecraft, writer of horror fiction.  I don't know what he was looking for because Peter arrived, with Walt shortly after him, so we left to go home.

As we started to drive off from our parking place, we were passed by this group.

PackODogs.jpg (140420 bytes)

The bushes cover them up, but every person in that group has a large-ish dog on a leash, some had two on leashes.  Mre than a dozen dogs.  I don't know where they were coming from or where they were going, but they certainly made an impressive sight on the street.

We ended the afternoon glued to the TV watching the amazing 5th game of the NLCS, where the Giants won their slot into the World Series (all of which we will miss because we'll be in France).

Photo of the Day

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Coffee #4:  "Dinna Fash..."

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