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8 October 2014

Coffee #2 has taken place.

As with Coffee #1 this was lunch instead of coffee (tomorrow there will be coffee!)  This gathering was with my friend Joan, and our mutual friend Peggy.  I've known (or at least known of ) Joan for almost as long as I've been in Davis.  I remember when she owned Tarika, a wonderful clothing and accessories shop in which I never shopped because I was too big. 

I didn't really get to know her until she invited me (and I can't remember now how that happened) to join her writing group.  Peggy was also in that group, as was Nancy who, sadly, is now in a locked Alzheimers facility.   But we had some good years sharing writing, and later just sharing ideas.   They were a group that I could talk politics with and I loved our gatherings at Joan's house.

When my mother moved into Atria, I was thrilled to find that Peggy had moved there.  She was a wonderful contact for me, because she befriended my mother and would report to me on various things, usually positive things that made me feel good about how she was settling in.

I was sad when Peggy decided to move to another senior facility, but understood that she would be closer to her daughter and she would have the chance to create the brand new facility.  I am glad that I continue to see her and it was fun that the three of us got together today.

I picked Peggy up at her place and we talked about my mother on the way over to Joan's.  It does feel helpful to be able to discuss my feelings but sometimes I'm afraid people are sick of hearing about all the problems with her.  Peggy was very kind and understands.

We had lunch at the University Retirement Community deli and ate on their lovely porch.  I thought it might be too warm, but it was just perfect.  We had great discussions (and not about my mother!  I kept my mouth shut on that subject for almost the entire lunch).

Joan has another writing group and they are doing poetry.   Neither Peggy nor I have much familiarity with poetry and from listening to Joan describe what the people in her group are doing, I am intrigued and may try writing some.   Limricks I can do just fine, and I can bat out a humorous haiku or two, but more serious poetry intimidates me.  Joan gave me some suggestions to think about.   We'll see what I can come up with.

When lunch was over, I took Peggy back home again and then went to Office Max because one of my ink cartridges is just about to give up the ghost and I can't print anything if one of the tanks goes out.  I had planned to follow my trip to Office Max with a trip to the store.  We are out of lots of stuff, especially the cottage cheese I mix with the dogs' food, but by the time I staggered back to the car, the hint of a sore throat I noticed in the morning had bloomed into daggers cutting into my throat, I had a hint of a headache and was sneezing.  I decided I'd go home in case I was coming down with Ebola (yeah, I know that's not funny but I couldn't help myself).

I finished my review of Grapes of Wrath and sent it off to the Enterprise.  I have a new arts editor.  The last one lasted about an hour and a half before he quit and went to work elsewhere.  I hope this one will last a bit longer...she at least seems to have more knowledge of the arts than the last two have had. 

When I got the review sent, I just gave up and went to the family room to watch TV.

I spent the afternoon slumped in the recliner (why is this afternoon different from other afternoons?) sneezing and swallowing gingerly.  I remembered back when I lost my voice when I was working for Dr. G and he prescribed a concoction of honey, lemon juice and ginger root.  I don't have any lemon and don't really like ginger, but I did take a couple of spoonsful of honey and they may have helped a bit.

Now if the Giants will just win game #4 of the playoffs (and thus the playoffs themselves), I'll feel much better than I have all afternoon.

I'm hoping all symptoms are gone tomorrow because I have Coffee #3 scheduled for the morning.  This time it's at an actual coffee shop and I will be drinking real coffee instead of water.

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Coffee #2:  Lunch with Peggy Kerr and Joan Callaway


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