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6 October 2014

1. Have you had an argument with anyone recently? If so, do you still have issues with that person?
I can't think of the last argument I had with anyone.  I don't argue much.

2. Are you talking to anyone while filling this in? How about texting/chatting on Facebook?

Walt walks in and out, commenting on the Giants-Washington game, and I check Facebook if I hear I have a message, but not chatting.

3. Have you done something recently that helped someone else, in any way?

Did my mother's laundry, brought her her medication, took her to lunch with her friends.

4. Who was the last person to pay you a compliment?


5. Is there anything that’s happened in the past month, that you wish you could go back in time and change?

Yes.  My mother's birthday party that Atria screwed up so royally.  I'm still waiting for an apology, which was promised to me by the head office.

6. What colour is your purse/wallet?

Purse is black, wallet is brown.  Very boring.

7. What’s the closest item to you that’s black?

The slacks I'm wearing.

8. Think about what you looked like 5 years ago. How did you look different, compared to the way you look now?

I seem to have lost about 20 lbs in the past five years.  My face is thinner, but below the waist there is no change

9. Before Facebook became popular, did you use any other social networking site, like Bebo or Myspace?

I tried MySpace.  Didn't like it.  Of course before that there were the CompuServe discussion forums, where I made so many good friends.

10. Has someone of the opposite sex ever sung to you? If so, how did you respond to it?

On my 70th birthday my kids (which include 2 of the opposite sex) sang a song they wrote for me.  That was very special! (Someone videotaped it, but I never got to see it.) 

11. When did you last hug someone of the opposite sex?

This morning.

12. Have you ever seen the film “Casablanca”? Did you like it?

Of course (answer to both questions)

13. Do you have a relative whose name begins with ‘L’? Tell me about him/her.

You'd think with a family this large I would have, but I can't think of one.
[UPDATE:  ...and then I went and put a beautiful picture of granddaughter LACIE at the bottom of the page!  Doh!  There is also her mother, my wonderful daughter-in-law Laurel.  I am so stupid!]

14. Are you a secretive person?

My life is an open book, with some secret chapters.

15. When did you last eat?

I had a piece of cinnamon roll about an hour ago.

16. If you were going to buy a present for a special person, what would you generally choose?

I usually first check to see if they have an Amazon wish list and if they don't, my usual gift shopping starts in a book store.

17. If I’m going to buy you a box of chocolates, which kind should I definitely NOT get?

Anything with peppermint.  If there is no other chocolate around, I'll eat it, but it's not high on my favorite list.

18. Is there something you generally always ask for help with?

Anything that involves getting on the floor (like checking computer cords) since I have such a difficult time getting down and a more difficult time getting back up again.

19. If you had to give up your phone or your computer, which would it be?

Definitely my phone.  99% of the calls I get are junk calls.  I'd be happy to be rid of it.

20. Has anyone called you gorgeous/beautiful today?


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Day 97:  How can you not be happy to be grandmother to this child?


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