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29 November 2014

I've been here at Mallard Point long enough to see a pattern in the meals, where rarely is anything wasted.  What is supper tonight will show up in a dish for dinner tomorrow, or maybe even breakfast.  I don't have too many specific examples (except that a day or two after anything with potatoes in it, you can be sure we'll have potato soup, which is delicious). 

However, tonight's "turkey waldorf" was a new one for me.  Waldorf salad of a couple of days ago, mixed with leftover turkey and spread on a slice of bread.  Waldorf salad here is a mix of grapes, pineapple, pecans, and marshmallows with some kind of liquid.  Hence, when I bit into my sandwich tonight, I could see grapes and marshmallows (unfortunately I ate the marshmallow before I thought to take a photo).

The white circle is where the marshmallow used to be.  Dennis' salad shows remnants of several recent dishes.

From the slices of ham we had for breakfast the other day, to the curly pasta fettucini, to some sort of fruit, to the side dish of peas.  Nothing is wasted.

It was a lazy day.  Contrary to my fears, after I finished Funny the World at midnight and went to the couch to try to sleep, I fell asleep quickly, cocooned under a heavy layer of blankets (including a 49er blanket) and slept all night, not waking until nearly 7.

By the time Peach and I got up, Kris, Tom, Miranda and Matthew had been out Black Friday shopping for hours.  We had our coffee and sat on the couches, while Princess (with whom I fell in love) sunned herself.

Kris and Tom didn't buy much and left Miranda and Matthew still shopping while they came home to have breakfast with us, pack the truck up, and head back to Cedar Falls.

The landscape is pretty bleak around here at this time of the year and this is pretty much what it looked like for the better part of the not quite an hour it took to drive back. They say in summer this is all corn.

I said good bye to Kris, who won't be back, now, until Wednesday, when Peach has her next treatment.  It was sad to say goodbye, but I have known her two siblings all these years better than Kris and this trip has given me a chance to get to know her, Tom and Matthew a bit better.  Kris was born a week or so after Walt and I got married, and was the reason Peach and Bob could not come to our wedding...so I told her I will never forget how old she is!

She and Tom have been so good to me while I've been here and I have really appreciated all they have done.

The three old fogies (and the two old doggies) were worn out when we got back.  We had had a very busy time for two days, relaxing and eating and relaxing some more.  It was a difficult life.  We managed to stagger to the dining room to be fed a delicious meal after we got back home, but then we headed back to the apartment where Bob took a nap and Peach and I just kind of vegetated.  I may have dozed off too.

Bob and I went to dinner, while Peach heated some cream of tomato soup in the apartment.  Then we watched a movie and called it a night.  As I said, it was a quiet day and we needed it after all the excitement of the previous two days.

(My god are we old!!!)

I'm going to miss this place, a bit, but I probably won't make a marshmallow sandwich when I get home.

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