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28 November 2014

This is the house where Matt and Miranda live, with the Santa in front of it, taken from in front of Kris and Tom's house.

This is the house where Kris and Tom live (on the right), taken from the porch of Matt's house,.

When it is this cold...

...and you have food and feeble old people to get from one house to the other, you drive.  Believe it or not, I took the picture of Kris & Tom's house standing on Matthew's porch in my stocking feet.  But it had warmed up to 7 by then.

It was a full day.  A very full day, starting with Peach getting all dressed up in her Thanksgiving finery and wearing one of her two new wigs, looking very beautiful and festive.

Miranda and Matt came over for breakfast.  Tom cooked his famous "Iowa skillet" (I think that was what he called it.  Not sure what he called it before they moved to Iowa)

Shortly after breakfast we packed up and moved the feast across the street, where Miranda had prepared a groaning board of hors d'oeuvres.

Peach and I worked together to make the stuffing for the turkey.

And then Peach stuffed the bird.

While Miranda and Matt were working together in the kitchen.

This was the first Thanksgiving dinner they had prepared and they wanted to get it right.  Miranda had worked a double shift at the store where she works yesterday and had not gotten home until 3 a.m.  She was amazing.

While everything cooked, the gang looked over newspaper inserts trying to plan Black Friday shopping.

Peach and I had a Skype conference with my mother, Ned and Walt.

Eventually the turkey came out of the oven and Tom carved it.

Miranda's table looked beautiful...and she even had special Thanksgiving plates.  Her turkey was perfect.

I had been planning to make a pumpkin pie, but through a series of hilarious and too complicated to add here circumstances, I made a cherry cheesecake instead.  Tom had purchased a Marie Callender's pumpkin pie as a back up, so I figured I would have pumpkin pie anyway.

However, that was the one failure of the night.  Nobody ate the pumpkin pie.

We drove back across the street and started to watch the 49er-Seahawk game (sorry, Tom Sykes!) but my body cried out to lie down, at least for a little.  I went into a back room and passed out on the couch, waking at 11, finding myself covered with blankets and everyone else in bed.  Nice that I woke up in time to write this...and to be here when Jeri called to wish me a happy Thanksgiving.

And it was a happy Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone reading this had a good day too.

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