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26 November 2014

I have a good hearted, well meaning casual friend (someone who does not read this journal), who always knows what I should do, whether it's where to eat, what Netflix videos I should watch, which airline I should fly, or how to deal with my mother. She has a wealth of information and is not shy about pushing her suggestions on me, though I never ask for her advice.

The problem is that rarely will her suggestions work for me.  She does not have insight into the intricacies of my personal life, what my mother (whom she has never met) is really like, or what my taste in movies is (as I said, this is a casual friend!)

I listen, thank her for her advice and then usually ignore her because I'm going to do what works best for me.

This line of thinking came up in the first place because of the Question of the Day on "What's My Answer" this morning:  Have you ever faced a difficult situation when you had to choose between sorting it out yourself, or asking someone else for an easy fix? What did you choose and would you make the same choice today?

I thought about her as Peach and I talked about her meeting with the doctor yesterday and the options which were explained to her.  In truth, I don't even know what I would advise her, but I watch her seriously thinking about the pros and cons of continuing chemo or stopping it.  She will know more after her next round of treatment next week, but there are very serious considerations that will enter into her decision, Bob's physical and mental condition foremost among them, added to her age and chance for longevity if the cancer had not been part of the equation in the first place. And of course that all important quality of life.

What is clear after yesterday is that she has people in her corner, knowledgeable medical people, who will support whatever choices she makes along this strange new journey on which she has embarked.

We had a busy afternoon.  Tom came for lunch and then he, Peach and I went to the hospital to see the surgeon.  Fluid had collected at the surgery again and needed to be drained.

You can see the little spout that is inserted in Peach's surgery site, where more fluid is leaking, as Dr. Sevaride empties the syringe.  Last week he removed 215 cc of fluid, this time it was 350 cc.  He says eventually the fluid will become clear, that everything is normal, and that she just needs to come back whenever she needs a draining.

There was time after the appointment to stop by Durable Medical Equipment to modify the mastectomy bras Peach had and check out other supplies.

With all that happening, we still got back to Mallard Point in time to catch almost all of the concert by Monty King, who is a preacher, and who performs at four facilities around this area (Monty and his wife live at Mallard Point).

Monty had a surprise for Peach and, inspired by Peach & Bob's tale of interacting with Humphrey the Wayward Whale back in 1985, he played "Sweet Caroline" for them, the song they had playing on a loop on their boat when Humphrey decided to follow them.

After the concert we headed right into the dining room for a classic comfort food dinner of celery with peanut butter, cream of tomato soup, toasted cheese sandwiches, and bread pudding.  I felt like I was a kid back in my parents flat again!

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