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24 November 2014

Peach and Bob went off to a communion service in the morning and I took advantage of their being gone to get a couple of loads of laundry done.  We can only use the washing machines Thursday-Sunday.  The housekeepers use them other days.  But everything was washed and in the dryer by the time the communion service was over.

One of the activities that Bob participates in here is the football pool where they predict which teams will win.  Their front door attests to the fact that he's pretty good at picking winners.

Apparently there are also trophies for the weekly winners (we can't find them right now).  And, of course, bragging rights. 

Needless to say, with all the problems with Peach starting chemo last week, Bob's predictions didn't get made, but he has made them for this week, so we have spent the day watching football.  He was wrong right off the bat with yesterday's amazing Raiders win (their first this season).  He had not predicted they would win.  But he suspects nobody got that one right.

So today was spent glued to the TV set, rooting for his picks.

(Note that he is not bundled up.  The high today was in the low 50s.  I actually sat outside on the patio, in my t-shirt and thoroughly enjoyed the cool breeze).

Not being into football, unless it's the 49ers, I chose the alternate, watching a movie on my iPad.

This is a great set up.  I put the iPad on a chair and connect earphones and then I can watch lying down.  When I can't sleep at night, I choose a boring movie and put that on and it puts me right to sleep (I have yet to see more than the first few minutes of Pride and Prejudice).  I love my iPad.

As for the dogs, they spent most of the afternoon staring at Peach trying to get a message across to her, sometimes successfully (was it water? treat? outside?)

We chose not to go to the dining room tonight, so ordered dinner for a pick up.  Peach and I had taco salad and I wondered what taco salad in Iowa would be like.

Other than the slices of American cheese not being up to regular shredded cheddar, what was missing reminded me of my chat with Mardel recently.

She was commenting that she had never tasted an artichoke and was asking me about artichokes.  I tried to explain what they looked like and how you eat them (my theory is that artichokes are God's way of saying it's OK to eat mayonnaise).

Then she said she had also never tasted "that other green thing...the one they mash and use to make a dressing."  I asked "avocados?" and she said yes.  She had never tasted an avocado and had no desire to taste one. Poor thing!

I guess that explains why there was no guacamole on our taco salad (or on the "little triangle things" -- the quesadillas -- the other night).

Tomorrow is round 2 of chemo.  Hold the good thought, everyone!

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