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23 November 2014

It has warmed up to 40 today.

We sat in the living room with the door opened!  The dogs loved it and the cool air felt very good.

They tell me that this is really what Iowa is typically like in November.  The weather report for the coming week is all over the place, so who knows what it's going to be like.

As you can see, this little room has 2 chairs and a couch.  But I have to share the couch with the other 4-footed people who live here.

Sophie lets me have the couch at night, but when the daylight is out, it's first come first serve.  I do love it, though, when Peach lets her out in the morning while I am still half awake.  Sophie comes in and makes a bee-line for me, wagging her tail.  She has accepted me as part of the family.

Today was another good day.  We had breakfast in the apartment and then Peach made it down to the dining room for "dinner".

There was a planned saxophone concert in the afternoon that we were going to attend, but Kris, Tom and Matthew came to bring supplies.

The concert was to start at 2:30, so we decided they could stay till 3 so we could visit, and we would then catch the last half of the concert, only by the time they left, we decided we really didn't want to go down there after all...and then found out later they only played until 3:30, so we would have missed most of it anyway.

Bob has become intrigued with my journal (though he has difficulty reading and comprehending, so he hasn't asked to read it), and always want to know how I think of something to write each day.  I tell him that sometimes I know what I'm going to write and other days I don't have a clue until I start writing, and then it just happens.

Guess which day today is!

Oh yeah...and this...

I thought the least Mike could have done now that he has nothing pressing to occupy him, would be to help Cal win this year's Big Game.  Guess not.

Photo of the Day

At least they spelled "quartet" right.
(Jeri wonders if "saxaphones" are Iowa instruments)

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