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21 November 2014

We finally got Skype up and working on a day when Peach was feeling better than she has since this whole thing started.

Maybe we'll convince my mother that there is some benefit to these modern gadgets after all! 

We found another use for Bob's walker, putting my iPad on it to wheel it from me to Peach to Bob and back to Peach again.

Bob was interested to find out if Walt had any information on the raise for federal government retirees (Walt didn't).

My mother wanted to know how Peach was feeling and, more importantly, when she was going to send me home.

It might have been easier for her to understand why I'm still here if we had done this on one of Peach's bad days, but not really.  This was fun.  We teased her about all the retired farm boys that live here and my mother assured us that the last thing she wanted at this stage in her life was a farm boy!

It was kind of an electronic kind of day from the get go.  In the morning, Peach was in the bedroom getting dressed, I was in the kitchen washing the dishes and Bob was sitting in his recliner.  The TV remotes were on a table, with nobody around them and suddenly the TV reception went off.  No TV.  No internet connection.

Peach immediately got on the phone trying to figure out what was wrong.  No connection meant to cop show marathons, no Netflix movies, no Facebook or e-mail.  Potential catastrophe.

Nothing seemed to work and I was resorting to checking Facebook with the 3G connection (the one we pay for).  And then, suddenly everything was back again.  We don't know what the problem was, but whatever, it is solved.

It was a very harrowing 5 minutes.

The rest of the morning was spent the same way I spend it at home...letting the dogs in and out.  It was in the low 20s and actually it felt kind of good letting in the dog (and the cold air) into this warm apartment.

There was a trivia quiz at lunch and the first question was which night of the week the Texaco Hour with Milton Berle was on, only the young thing reading the question stumbled over it and called him "Milton Burley."

Later in the afternoon, a package arrived, with a voice recorder for Peach.  She is going to be writing a book about this whole cancer experience and we figured that if she could dictate things as she is going through them, when she is feeling awful and doesn't have to think about writing, it would be a good start for this project.

Walt had sent my recorder for her to try out, but it didn't come with a manual (I don't know where mine is), so now she has a recorder of her own (so I can take mine home) plus the instructions for how to work it properly.

She's done so well the past couple of days that I dread Monday, when we start the whole chemotherapy treatment all over again.

Photo of the Day

Does Tess look guilty?  She is guarding Sophie's treat under the pillow,
where she (Tess) has hidden it.

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