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20 November 2014

Today I have almost nothing to report about Peach.  Which is a very. good. thing.  Today she ate breakfast, got dressed, and actually went to lunch.  It was like a visit from royalty.  Instead of Queen Bee, she was the Queen P.

Sadly (for me), I had left my camera in the apartment.  I would love to have taken pictures of the number of people who came up to give her hugs and welcome her back to the dining room.

She had a small lunch and stayed for all of the lunch time.  By the time we returned to the apartment, she was exhausted and went right to bed.  I don't know why I was tired, but I took a nap too.

So the excited report was that today was boring and may we have many more of them.  Heck, even the weather was boring, after yesterday's 3 degrees, being in the balmy low 20s. Sophie found her place in the sun.

Almost makes you want to go out and buy a bikini.

I am trying to remember some of the people I am meeting here.

This is the lady you want to see at lunch each day.  Her name is Mika and she is the one who takes a large basket around to every table and gives each diner a freshly baked yeast roll.

(Tomorrow there will be home made cinnamon rolls.  I had them last week and they are fabulous)

The thing that is great here is that everything is freshly home made.  I could even tell from the taste of the macaroni and cheese that it was home made, not from a mix.  Today's chili was wonderful.

Though I wonder how prevalent Mexican food is here in Iowa.  Last night the dinner was quesadillas.  Most people seemed suspicious and made alternate choices.

I overheard someone asking the server what a "quesadiLLa" was and she hemmed and hawed and said it was "kind of a triangle like thing."

There are sing-alongs occasionally in one section of the dining room, before lunch.  This lady at the right is the pianist and I imagine that she is like dear little Ida Sue at Atria, who used to be a wonderful accompanist, but whose dementia has robbed her of that skill.  The last time we went to her sing-along, she could barely pluck out a tune with one finger.  I think the sing-alongs have stopped now.

The lady in the back is someone of whom I hope to eventually get a better photo.  This is Renee, whose mother's name is "Bev," so she always calls me by name.  Not only is she one of the servers at lunch, but she also cleans this apartment one day a week.

Like everyone else here, she has Peach's best interest at heart.  The lady in the apartment next door to Peach and Bob is dying of pancreatic cancer.  They are hoping she will last until Thanksgiving, when all the family plans to be here. 

Renee stopped me today and told me she had talked with a massage therapist they hired for the woman and learned that if a doctor prescribes massage, insurance will probably pay for it.  So I'm going to ask the doctor about it when we go for the next treatment on Monday and see if we can get Peach a free massage, which I think will help a lot (based on how much the brief massage by the Occupational therapist yesterday helped relieve the tension in her shoulders.

So today was boring.  Let's hope tomorrow is just as boring.

Photo of the Day

Shhhh!  Don't tell Polly I'm cheating on her with another dog.

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