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17 November 2014

As I posted to Facebook this morning, apparently I proofread in my sleep.  I had written yesterday's entry and called it "Exultation of Larks."  As I woke up this morning I realized it was exAltation, not exUltation, so changed that first thing.  Color me embarrassed...I know better!

It was COLD when we woke up this morning.

But the yard was beautiful.

And I found a little bird on the bush right outside the door.

Today was kind of a housekeeping day, not the dust-wash-organize kind of housekeeping, but the kind of housekeeping you do when you have cancer and are expecting things to happen, or need help doing other things.

Kris and Tom came by with the groceries Peach ordered.  We were running out of bottled water, dishwashing detergent, Tide pods, and dog treats.  Each in its own way vital for keeping this house running.

Kris measured Peach's head for future cancer-baldness

And the two of them went through the "tlc" catalog to see which hats, scarves and wigs might work best.

Tom, the meantime, helped Bob take a bath, since they have reached the end of their insurance-covered bather and Peach is not able to help him right now.  No, I did not take a picture of the bath, but did snap this one afterwards.

Kris helped him brush his hair.

Tom also found out that when they fixed the closet door, they only fixed one door and I apparently knocked two out of alignment (I do not do things by halves), so he got that fixed for us.

Compared to the last several days, Peach is doing great today.  She got dressed for the first time in 3 days, was able to take a little food and keep it (for the most part) -- she's lost nearly 20 lbs since this started.  A rotten way to diet.  She's still exhausted but stayed up today longer than she has in days, due to Kris and Tom being here. 

Of course now that's she's returning to a semblance of normalcy, her next chemo treatment is tomorrow (coincidentally expected to be the worst weather day this week).  This is a short treatment (1 hr vs. 3) and we don't know what kind of reaction this week is likely to bring, but we will find out tomorrow.

Photo of the Day

I may be in Iowa, but I'm still thinking about my own kids.
I love this photo.

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