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16 November 2014

In 1993, James Lipton (the host of "Inside the Actors' Studio) published a book called "An Exaltation of Larks," which consisted of a number of names for collections of things that he had read in his research over the years.  We all know herd of cattle, pack of wolves, but lesser known were things like exaltation of larks, murder of crows, parliament of owls, etc.

Today I decided that Peach, Bob and I constitute a "cliche of seniors." Among the three of us we represent:  vomiting, diarrhea, incontinence, and poor balance.  Could there be anything more cliche!

Things are a little better today.  While Peach is not anywhere near "comfortable," she is starting to be able to eat a little bit.  She's had some jello, some chicken broth with a tiny bit of rice in it, and a tiny slice of apple.  It hasn't all coursed throughout her system the way she would like, but it is at least an improvement over yesterday.

Today was the first big snow day for Iowa for this year. By morning there should be about 3" in the ground.  Kris and Tom were going to come over, but the roads are too icy, so they called to say they were turning back.

Bob and I had lunch today with Mardel and Dennis, the folks who sent her the roses the other day.

Very sweet people.  Like Bob, Dennis has had a stroke, but he is in a motorized wheelchair.  He and Bob joke every time we get together about meeting at night to go out and chase girls.  Mardel and I ask them what they would do with girls if they caught them.

They are kind of interesting in that they own a farm somewhere around here. It's a multi-hundred acre farm, passed down from generation to generation.  They still keep the farm and live there except in the winter, when they move here.  Apparently they aren't the only people who do this.  We ate with a couple last night who also have kept their house and are thinking of moving back at the end of the winter.  I don't think anybody at Atria does that (but they we don't have the harsh winters that they have here)

By the time the sun went down, we had had lots of snow and it continued to snow. 

Tess seemed to like being out in it, sniffing; Sophie, obviously the more sensible of the two went out with great reluctance to relieve her bladder, but then came right back in again.

It will be interesting to compare this photo with what it looks like in the morning.  I think predictions are for the snow to stop, but to stick around on the ground for awhile.

As I have enjoyed this first snow of the year with the giddy delight of a little kid seeing her first live snow, I was reminded of this essay I saw printed several years ago....and am glad I won't be here this long!


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