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15 November 2014

This a bag of saline solution. I called it Gatorade infusion.

Peach called her doctor last night and he told her he wanted her in the office first thing this morning and he would deal with her nausea and general overall malaise.

Granddaughter-in-law-to-be, Miranda, drove over from New Hampton (~1 hour) and picked us up in time to get to the cancer center.  I had not met her before and she is a delight, and obviously devoted to "grandma" and happy to do whatever she can.  Her own grandmother battled cancer (successfully) and she has a lot of information for one so young, asks the medical team good questions, and is eager to do whatever she can to make things better.

Peach met with her doctor, who took lots of notes and told her he would fix her.  He also encouraged us to call at the first sign of problems next time.

She settled into a chair and waited for the treatment to start.

Matt also joined us, bringing Starbucks coffee.  He and Miranda are a very sweet couple, but, like too many kids these days, they are on their cell phones constantly.

The infusion of saline started and by the time the second bag was started, she was looking considerably more comfortable and was even able to sleep through the rest of the treatment.

By the time we left the center, she was feeling almost human again.  We stopped at a supermarket on the way home to pick up chicken broth, yogurt, and a few other things that may help with bringing her back to normal again. When we got home, I fixed her some chicken broth and crackers, which she felt she could get down.

Bob and I went to lunch and by the time we got back here, I was exhausted and ready to take a nap.  I slept over an hour and when I woke up, I heard Peach talking on the phone, sounding like her old self, which was SO nice to hear.  She's still rocky and not eating much, but when she decided to fix herself a bowl of ice cream, I knew we were on the road back.

People have been so nice.  A couple that we eat dinner with had these roses delivered.

A guy named Bill wants to help, so he brings fresh popped popcorn every morning, which we never eat, but thank him profusely.

One of the dining room servers stopped by after her shift was over to chat and find out how things were going for Peach.

Everyone in the dining room (or at least those that Bob doesn't talk to first) comes by to find out how she is.

Maggie, who only has one leg and is in a motorized wheelchair, "walked" Bob home from Bingo tonight so she could check on Peach and give her a hug.  Hugs help her tremendously.

And best of all, the manager came by and fixed the closet door that I fell into yesterday, so the apartment, in addition to Peach, is back to normal again.

May all stay "normal" from here on out.

It is going to snow tomorrow--a big snow, not flurries.  It's interesting to watch the news and find out how snow country reports preparation for snow.

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