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14 November 2014

Today has been a very, very bad day.  No pictures today.

This is the day we expected to have earlier.  She was up every 2 hours last night and has been alternately sleeping and being sick ever since morning.  The hardest part of this for her is being strong for Bob.  She doesn't want him to know how bad she feels.

For him, he has always been so strong and wants so badly to fix this for her, but nobody can.  It's one of those damnable things that you have to plough through,

The dogs, especially Tess, have not left her side.  When she breaks down and cries, Tess licks her nonstop.

She had an appointment scheduled with the provider who makes sure she does not develop lymphedema (swelling) where the lymph nodes were removed.  The appointment is scheduled for 9 a.m., but she is so sick she didn't see how she could make it, especially that early when it is predicted to be 16 degrees.

So she called and rescheduled to the middle of next week in the afternoon,.

Then she called her doctor to let him know how sick she is and he said he wanted to see her to see if there was something he could give her...and to make sure she is not dehydrating.

So she has an appointment with him tomorrow.

at 8:30 a.m.


Bob and I are still a Mallard Point "item" of gossip (not really, but it sounds funny to say).  I have talked more with Bob in the last 4 days than in the last 50+ years, I think.

It is amazing how people are stopping him to ask about her, helping Bob because he has such mobility problems, and just being very solicitous and gentle with him and concerned about her.

There are things I like about this place very much, especially concerning meals, which is really about all that I have a lot of information about.

For one thing, the managers (2 couples) live on site and are very much a part of the community.  They pour the coffee and tea for each meal, stopping to talk with everyone, which creates a real family feel.

All food is fresh cooked on the premises.  Even the breads.  When we moved to Atria, we were told the baker was "cooking all the time," but what is served is definitely from bulk foods purchased somewhere.  Not here.  We had hot cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning that were better than I make myself.  There is fresh baked bread each lunch that is to die for.

Each meal starts with a welcome from one of the managers and then the chef announces what the meal will be this time, and what the alternatives are.  There is not the choice that there is at Atria and the meals are at 8, 12:30 and 5:30, so everyone eats at once.  But I think that does help create the camaraderie here.  I have been here 4 days now and more people greet me by name than have ever done so at Atria.

I am getting as much napping in as Bob and Peach are, which means I sleep at 9 or 10 when they go to bed and then am wide awake at 3 or 4.  So today I decided to get Hulu so I can watch TV in the middle of the night and listen with earphones.  I am entertained and I don't wake Peach and Bob.

I watched The Daily Show at 3 a.m, with my iPad on the floor next to the couch.  Interesting ways to adapt here!

I also distinguished myself tonight by losing my balance and falling into the closet door, knocking it off its track.  Must confess to the manager tomorrow.


Photo of the Day

Tess hasn't left Peach's side and is very worried

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