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10 November 2014

I'm going to make this very short because (a) I've been traveling all day, (b) it's nearing midnight in Davis, and (c) I need to arrange some sort of a desk here and I'm too tired to do it right now.  I've never written a Funny the World on my knee before, but there are no tables in Peach and Bob's apartment and I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to do.

I have arrived in Iowa.  My travels were made easier because Walt had thought to ask for wheel chair transfer in Denver which was lovely, more difficult by United Airlines which had FIVE delays of our flight to Cedar Rapids, and then told us we had to check our carry on luggage (which meant I had to unload the computer and iPad and carry them with me, along with my already heavy purse, jacket, and cane).  Also, I was too far from any vendors so went 5 hours with NO WATER, which is unheard of for me (I even getup and drink water in the middle of the night at home!)

The reason I didn't seek out a vendor was because I would have to carry all that crap with me.  Usually Walt or I will watch the others' stuff while we go hunt out fun things to see and/or buy.  But I had nobody to watch my stuff and it was just easier to sit.

THEN, when we went to board in Denver, I gathered up all my heavy hanging pieces and tried to walk.  Took the escalator and when I got off discovered we had to walk what seemed like a mile to get to the plane.

Fortunately, first a passenger and then an airport employee saw me struggling to carry all the awkward pieces and they helped me to the plane.  I felt like a real old person by the time I was seated, I tell ya!

Then, they promised I could buy snacks on one flight, but there wasn't so much as a peanut offered on either flight.  Fortunately, Peach had ordered some soup and a hot dog which was waiting for me when I got here.  It was a long time since that bowl of oatmeal in Davis!

I think I was the last passenger to leave the airport because of all the heavy stuff hanging off my body, but Peach's daughter Kristi and her husband Tom were here to meet me and drive me an hour back to Cedar Falls, where Peach and Bob live.

But I feel so good about being here.  I think it was the right thing to do and tomorrow we start this new adventure.  Turns out she will be having chemo once a week for a year, but it's this first 12 weeks that are the mega doses.  We will see how she takes to them.

There will be a party at her chemo tomorrow, since Kristie is going, Bob is going and I am going.  Kris needs to take off work when she goes to appointments--and she lives an hour a way, so that's another reason why it's good I'm here.  Bob, bless him, has short term memory loss following his stroke, so he can't really be of much help in remembering anything.

And now I'm going to turn in.  The adventure begins tomorrow.

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