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18 May 2014

The day started with T-ball at 8:30.  I'll tell ya, these guys have improved since we first saw them the first week of games.  This is Bri hitting a solid ball that got her to first base.

And here she is coming home three plays later.

She threw several surprisingly good balls, especially one from 1st to home plate that was better than I can throw!  Both teams were much better and it actually looked like a baseball game.

Of course Brianna had a big cheering section for her.

(Not bad when you get a scout from ComCast Sports [Cousin Ernie Baur, left] to come to your T-ball game! -- I had to print his name because he will be looking for it!)

But the most enthusiastic fan was 2 yr old Charlie who sat in Auntie O's lap and kept yelling "go, Brianna, GO!" no matter who was batting or running. At the end of the game she yelled "Yay, Brianna, YAY!"  Very cute.

For Lacie, it was just another boring day at the Little League field. Fortunately she's a whiz at Mommy's iPad.

(Mommy was quick to point out that Lacie now chooses her own outfits, including the inside-out tutu because it had a deeper pink than right side out!)

Such a fun day watching the kids play.  After, we went to lunch with Norm and Olivia. And then it was time for the Big Event: Alice Nan's retirement party

There were 80-something people there and Alice Nan didn't stop beaming for 4 hours.

Ned and Bri offered a toast, with a Shirley Temple Bri had picked up while sitting around with some guys at the bar.

Charlie and Lacie, in the meantime, were bonding over photos of Charlie's favorite t-ball player.

There was a sort of "formal" program.  Tom and Joe sang a song Joe had written for Alice Nan several years ago (there's a movie of that I will eventually post) and several people from various parts of Alice Nan's working life got up and spoke.

(there were others too)

It was wonderful hearing so many people talking about their feelings for Alice Nan and what an asset she has been in their personal and working relationships. (I particularly liked the story about how she saved a client $5 million!) I'm sure the guest of honor wiped away many tears...both from emotion and from laughter.

Then Ned and Tom sang their rendition of a song ("Grandma Won't be Working Any More") which my father had written back in the 1980s when my mother retired.  It was reprised for Walt's mother's 80th birthday and now recycled once again and made unique for Alice Nan. (The YouTube link is here)

The end of the program brought Alice Nan to the microphone, assisted by Brianna, who had to be a part of everything.

An hour after our scheduled end time, the only people left were family, still talking. Of course.

The restaurant staff was eager for us to be gone, so we moved the party over to Alice Nan and Joe's house, where we spent another hour or so rehashing the great send-off Alice Nan had just received.

Perfect day, from start to finish.  (We missed ya, Dave...)



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