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14 March 2014

What a beautiful day it was today!  Mid 70s and no wind.   On my walk from the car to Logos, I saw a girl with sea foam colored hair riding her bicycle.  She looked like some sort of sea nymph.

Susan and Peter were both in the store when I got there and we talked a bit about Three Sisters, which they had seen the week before we did. We pretty much agreed on the strong and not so strong things about the play.

It had been a slow morning for Peter and actually the afternoon was even slower.  I had brought back the biography of Charles Schulz that I had bought last week as my book to read today, but I found I spent a lot of time watching the passing parade outside the door.  A woman walking three dogs stopped for one of the dogs to pee.  It was a female and she started peeing against a tree while a male dog lifted his leg on a nearby bush and the smaller dog, deciding to take that moment to sniff the urine stream got his face peed on.  She walked on, heading west.

A young couple stopped by. They had a black lab on a leash and the man started in whie the woman stayed behind.  I told her the dog was welcome and they brought him in, but they were looking for "Game of Thrones," which everyone is looking for.  He asked if I knew much about Anne Rice and I admitted I'd only read part of her first book and it hadn't grabbed me, so I didn't know anything about the rest of them.

As they left, the woman with the 3 dogs returned, this time walking east.  No peeing this time.

A group of 3 women and one man came in and browsed casually.   The guy walked with one of the women, massaging her belly the whole time. They all left, quickly, without buying anything.

A woman in brown came in.  She had a soft dress that looked like it might have been a dancing costume, brown leggings and brown boots.  She started at the art books and then looked through contemporary fiction.  I didn't notice when she left (without buying anything) because of the next customer.

This guy could have been the Kralahome in The King and I.   Husky build with the sides of his hair shaved and a mess of curls on the top of his head.  He had been checking the bargain books and laughed that he found L. Ron Hubbard's book just where it belonged--in the humor section.

He asked if we had anything by Lovecroft and he didn't find anything.   He talked about Lovecroft and the sad state of some fantasy writers these days.   Talked about how bad the "Twilight" saga was.  But he found six books in the Warcraft series and gobbled them up immediately ($19.88).  He told me the whole story of the books and the game.  Said he's a philosophy major at UCD.   Talked a lot about how authors these days write creatures and what he didn't like about it.  I asked him if he'd ever read David Gerrold.  "Never heard of him," he said. "He wrote The Trouble with Tribbles," I said.   "Never heard of it," he said.  So much for name-dropping. I thought everybody knew Star Trek, but he was pretty young so it's possible that a guy into sci fi and fantasy has never heard of Star Trek

Later I saw him and his friend going down the street on skateboards.

A tall guy walked in about 2 feet, looked around, and walked out again.

A couple arrived.  He's from Germany and is looking for a book, in English, to send to his mother, but it has to have simple English vocabulary.  I made a few suggestions, but really couldn't think of anything that might be perfect.   I suggested he come back and talk with Susan, who, as a former ESL teacher, should be able to give him some good suggestions.

A girl bought "Sophie's Choice" and a French lesson book that I wish I had seen before she bought it.

A woman looked for Agatha Christie, but didn't find any of her books and left.

From outside there was the noise of drumming and some "flutish" sounds that may have been a whistle or something like that.   Maybe it was an early St. Patrick's celebration at the pub around the corner.

It had been such a slow afternoon.  Two sales in two hours.   "My friend" showed up at 4:02 and even he didn't buy anything this week.

A grandmother type dressed in purple and drinking something out of a tall cup with a straw came in, went right to the children's book section and bought 3 kids book, including one called "Strega Nona," which she said she loved...loved...loved!

A Dad and teen aged son (wearing 8 thick wrist bands) came in and started looking around, but I don't know if they bought anything because Susan came in shortly after that and Walt right behind her and we left to come home.  I think this was the slowest day I've had at Logos since I've been working there.



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It was that kind of day...


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