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9 March 2014

Today our friend Nancianne Pfister had her head shaved for the third time, for the fund raiser to make money to fight childhood cancer.  We met her at DeVere's Irish pub and I took a before picture.

Before.jpg (48830 bytes)

We met two friends of hers inside the restaurant and we all had lunch.  She had a bowl of lamb-vegetable soup there earlier in the week and when she complained that it wasn't on today's menu, the chef quickly made some, just enough to serve all five of us.  It was, indeed, very good.

After lunch, it was time to sign in...

signin.jpg (76754 bytes)

...and then present herself for the shearing.

starting.jpg (69355 bytes)

In this, her third year, Nancianne has acquired a group of admirers who stood around and cheered for her.  She gave them all a jaunty wave.

wave.jpg (57181 bytes)

Then the work began in earnest.

shave1.jpg (48473 bytes)

shave2.jpg (53161 bytes)

shave3.jpg (57083 bytes)

When it was over, organizers came up to thank her for coming and to shake her hand.  You could see from the way people looked at her (and the cheers from the crowd watching the shearing) that everybody loved her.

Thanku.jpg (68805 bytes)

Time for one more wave at the cheering crowd...

wave2.jpg (66246 bytes)

And then to head home for another year, leaving behind a pile of grey hair...

hair.jpg (73284 bytes)

This event kind of snuck up on me this time, and I never got any pre-event publicity on Facebook or in this journal so she had only raised $200 of the $300 goal she had set for herself (her first year, she raised >$1,000 without knowing I had put a plea on Facebook!).  If you feel you would like to make a donation to help end children's cancer, here is a page where you can donate to Nancianne's shearing. "Sadly, childhood cancer research is extremely underfunded, so every dollar makes a difference to these children who need your help," Nancianne says in her statement on her fundraising page.

Walt and I went to see Chekhov's The Three Sisters tonight and, ever the picture of grace and refinement, I took a spectacular fall trying to climb up to the third level of tonight's theater. Gonna be interesting to see how my knee feels tomorrow.


CantStagesm.jpg (60484 bytes)

Set for "You Can't Take It With You."


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