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3 March 2014

There was a time long, long ago when I used to do internet chats, mostly with my friend Ron, and then Peggy and I began our friendship chatting over Africam photos.  But lately I haven't done any chatting, except for once, in 2012 when I happened to catch my friend Jennifer, in Colorado, watching the Oscars when I was and we began to chat.  That was fun.  We didn't get together on Oscar night 2013, but tonight we started chatting on the red carpet and we chatted for a total of about 5 hours while we watched and commented on all the Oscar festivities.  She fed her daughter, Annagrace during ourchat.  I fed the dog, cooked dinner, and ate dinner with my iPad next to me to continue the chat while we continued to watch.

I'm going to cut out all the red carpet comments and condense the oscar chat part, but this is pretty much how our conversation went tonight.   Jennifer's comments will be on the left, and mine on the right, just like they looked on my iPad.  Walt and I had seen Dallas Buyers' Club this afternoon, as one of our free Roku movies but that was the only movie I had seen; Jennifer, who has been pregnant for most of 2013 and then had a newborn to take care of, hadn't seen any either, so we had no "informed" opinions.

As the show started, I started the conversation.

Those Oscars [decorating the stage] look like chessmen
wearing condoms
[first Oscar is won by Jarred Leto for Dallas Buyers' Club]
Great first acceptance speech.
[I was particularly glad to see that he did not try to excuse or even comment
on the transvestite character he played, but was very classy and thanked everyone]


Absolutely!  I love Jim Carrey's suit.  Shiney <g>

Aside:  Throughout the evening, nobody was interrupted in giving their
acceptance speech.  I was so happy about that.  I really love the
speeches and good grief, they've just been named "the best" of the year...
give them a chance to thank all their relatives and teachers and
everyone important to them.  I think it is endearing.

[Great Gatsby wins for costumes]
I knew Great Gatsby would win--the costumes were gorgeous

[as Harrison Ford came on a presenter]
I was wondering why they were playing Indiana Jones.  Now I know.

I always think of him more from Air Force One.

For me it's still allStar Wars -- the good ones, not the crappy ones.

[as Kim Novak, who is 81 yrs old, enters]
Wow.  How long since we've seen Kim Novak?  She came out to Vertigo music.
Victim of plastic surgery, though.


Sally Fields looks great, though.

I was just thinking the same thing.  I love her dress.

[Kate Hudson comes on as a presenter]
Love that dress.  I always wonder how they keep the boobs in.

Tape.  Lots and lots of tape.

At this point Host Ellen Degeneres is in the
audience agreeing to order pizza for everyone,
a funny bit that went on for several segments.

Now I want pizza.

Me too.

I forget which award was won by a couple who
sang their thanks.  "That's a first," I said.

[Angelina Jolie is pointed out in the audience]
How did Angelina Jolie get into the theater without being on the red carpet?

No idea, actually.  It's a great question.

[They show Brad Pitt in the audience]
Brad Pitt is all grown up.

I was thinking about that earlier when they showed him with his kid.

Being a Dad will do that to you.

It's funny how your whole perspective changes and your priorities.

Ellen takes a group picture and tweets it.
Jennifer says she's retweeting it.  I try to get it from Twitter
but get an error message . Apparently others did too.
Later Ellen reports that she heard that she "brokeTwitter"
But after the show I got the pic off of Facebook.

groupTweet.png (228202 bytes)

[Lupita Nyongo wins Best Supporting Actress for 12 Years a Slave]
Oh good.  She won!
I'm verklempt.

Only people with pigment in their skin tone can wear that color well.   She looks great.

And she's classy too

Lupita.jpg (28688 bytes)

[They start a salute to the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz]
Now why didn't they show Liza here?

I was wondering that.

[Then they introduce all three of Judy Garland's children]
Oh.  that's why.

Pink starts singing "Over the Rainbow" while
a montage of Oz pictures plays in the background.


I love Pink.

I love Judy.  This is so cool!

Not who I would have expected to sing a tribute, but she's rocking.

Pizza is served.  Very funny, handing it
out in the audience.
After commercial, Ellen comes out in Glinda the good costume.  Very funny.

Glenn Close introduces the In Memoriam montage.

Tear Time.

Then Bette Midler sings "Wind Beneath My Wings"

This song makes me sad.  The movie killed me.

Oh God, this song gets me every time.
[Midler finishes]  that wiped me out.  And she looked damn good, too.

[Goldie Hawn comes on as a presenter--I don't remember for what but apparently I had guessed it]
You called it.

Lotta surgery. I hate it when a beautiful woman does that to herself.
She doesn't even look like Goldie Hawn.

[Idina Menzel comes on to sing nominated song from Frozen]
I adore her.

She's to you what Judy Garland was to me.

[Angelina Jolie comes on with Sidney Poitier]
Poitier is looking so frail. She's beautiful, of course.

Yeah, she's never really done much for me but almost all of my lesbian
friends are in love with her.
[Cate Blanchett wins Best Actress]
My friend Charlene called this one too.

[Matthew McConaughey wins Best Actor -- we chose the best movie to watch this afternoon!]
Oh good. Glad for that win. It was an amazing performance.
Look.  He's beaming!

[OK.  McConaughey's speech was the longest and did go on
a bit, but I didn't even mind that because he was just so happy]

then the biggie.
Twelve Years a Slave wins Best Picture

[I expected Gravity, which had won most of the awards to take this one too]

A good choice, I suspect.

I think I'm happy with all the awards.  A good night tonight.


This was fun.  I'm glad you were here to share it with.

Me too.  Thanks!

And so the 5 hour chat finally ended
(you saw about 1/3 of it)
I probably won't chat with Jennifer again for another year
but it was great fun tonight.


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