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June 13, 2014

The temps have dropped into the high 80s today, so it was a good day to leave the door of Logos open to let fresh air in.  I hate fresh air, especially on high-80s days, but now that there is a fan for the desk, hey...let all the fresh air in you want!  Sandy reported she had a busy morning and when she left there were 8 customers in the store, presumably all enjoying the fresh air.

A white-haired woman brought in two puzzles she felt we could sell.  Said she'd worked them many times and thought it was time to pass them along.  I thought about stealing them for Atria, but decided against it.

A woman bought some bargain books and said she might think of volunteering in the fall because she thinks this is such a nice book store.

The first of several mothers with children came in.   Her son was looking for Harry Potter books -- actually Book 1.  We had others, but not book one, so they bought another kids book.

The next mother came in carrying her lunch and looking for her daughter, who was in the kids room.  They bought four kids' books, all mysteries, like Nancy Drew, but what kids would read today.

A woman rushed in only looking for a book about how to plan a murder mystery party. She left when we didn't have one.

A very nice, pleasant guy with an earring on the top part of his ear came in, carrying a Starbucks cup said he was looking for an author who writes "new agey stuff," and apparently one novel.  Her name was Starhawk, but we apparently had nothing by her.  He said he didn't figure we'd have the book, but thought he would check because he likes supporting local businesses.

A girl took a book to read at the front table

Two university type women bought a book called "Edwardian Lady" and a book of Vogue fashion.  They also checked out the movie and stage area and I wondered if maybe they were studying costume design. 

There was a steady flow of customers, many coming in in pairs.  I don't remember Logos being this busy ever on my day.  Over the next 15 minutes I had these people:

* A couple snuggling in the literature aisle.
* Two girls laughing and talking in the back corner.
* A barrel chested Asian guy with droopy drawers, squeezing through the crowd, then sitting at the front table while he looks over the art books
* A tall Asian guy with a moustache
* 2 people outside, one a tall guy in a UCD shirt lounging by the post and seeming to stare at me, the other another affectionate couple.

Four people were lined up at the cash register when Jeri called.  It didn't occur to me to turn the sound on my cell phone off because I was right in the middle of ringing up a customer, so I was very curt with her and told her I could talk right then.  Then I screwed up the sale I was making on the credit card machine, but managed to get it fixed.  But "Clifford," the customer, left his credit card behind and the next customer in line ran after him to let him know.

At some point, the fat Asian guy left.  I didn't see him go, but a thin woman was now sitting at the table reading the arts newspaper.

A guy with a UCD shirt on bought a book on autism from the Bargain Books.  I recognized the book as one of a whole box of books on autism that someone donated two weeks ago.

A woman was looking through a Cesar Milan book, and since I had just read a long article talking about how destructive his methods are, I thought about warning her, but didn't.  She put it down and moved on anyway. Her husband was out at the bargain books and both left without buying anything.

A mom with a smiley face sticker on her shirt came in with her kids and went to the kids room.  She was followed by another mom and child hoping we had Spiderman comics.  I told her we did not.  The mom with the smiley face bought 2 kids books and said this is her favorite book store because it doesn't have that musty used book smell.

The cash register roll ran out.  It was 3 p.m. and I knew I had to get it fixed before my friend came in.  Most people don't ask for a register receipt, but he does every time.  I tried and tried and tried to fix it to no avail, but finally found the manual and found it was easier than I thought.   Crisis averted.

A guy came in with an old book whose pages had not been cut by the printer.  He figured that I, as a "book expert" would know why that hadn't happened.  I had to tell him I was only a volunteer working 4 hrs a week and suggested he come back when Susan or Peter were here.  I think he thought he might have a valuable book.

[I'm only halfway through my notes...this was really a busy day!  It was only 3:30 and I'd been so busy I hadn't had a chance to read anything.]

A dad and what is probably his university aged son came in.   I recognized them as having been in before.  Dad bought the son "The Guide to Middle Earth."

A guy wearing earphones, a big backpack, a red shirt that said "I See You," maroon pants, and lavender shoes came in.  He looked through the Spanish language books, but finally bought 2 Sociology books (in English).

An androgynous type in black shorts and shirt, with white accent and purple accents was standing at the SciFi/fantasy bookcase.  I finally decided it was a guy until she turned around and I saw she had a long braid hanging over one shoulder.

Another mom came in with her daughter and said she had a "raft of questions" and said that first she wanted to know if we had the Foxfire series of books.  I told her I didn't think so and she left without asking any other questions.

A girl rushed in and asked if I had a phone she could borrow because hers had just died.  The store doesn't have a phone, but I let her use my cell phone.

A French friend of Susan's, who usually comes in with her baby, came by looking for Susan.  She also was looking for a copy of "Mrs. Dalloway" (Virginia Wolf), but we didn't have that book so she left and said she'd come back later to see Susan.

An ophthalmologist friend of ours walked by outside briskly and waved.  He didn't wave when he walked by briskly the second time a minute later.   The sidewalk was getting busy with bikers and skateboarders, both of which are not permitted on sidewalks in Davis. Flagrant violation of the rules in this town, where all things are right and relevant.

The 4:00 rush starts and a bunch of new customers replaced the old ones -- a girl, another couple, 2 UCD students and another 2 girls.  A man bought an old copy of a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

The Foxfire woman returns, looking for an envelope she might have left behind (nope), but she still had no other questions for me.

My friend showed up at 4:30, stayed 15 minutes and bought a literature book and the Book of Bells.

A girl bought what amounted to a large paperback book and wanted a bag.  We are phasing out bags because in July we will have to charge for bags, in an ecological move to get customers to carry their own bags (I saw this was already a policy in Monterey, and other cities).  Right now Susan is using old grocery bags.  The girl said that was perfect (though you could hardly see the book in it because it was so small), but one of the handles was torn off, so I took the stapler to fix it.  The stapler seemed to be out of staples.  I tried to fix it and stapled my hand instead.

Another couple came to the desk to buy 3 fiction books, 1 travel book, a "teach yourself Irish" book and a nautical dictionary.  I wondered if there was a story there.  Where they planning to sail to Ireland and bring books to read en route, as well as teach themselves to speak Irish?

A guy wearing a blood donor shirt that looked like he'd had it a long time bought 3 of our large collection of Ellis Peters books.  Loved the Cadfael series!

Peter relieved me at 5:50, followed a few minutes later by Susan, and a few minutes after that by Walt.

It was a very full day.  I'm glad I hadn't decided to try to read the new Gabaldon during the afternoon.



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