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25 January 2014

I was actually disappointed when I was at the DMV office today.   Everyone has such horror stories that I expected to write this entry about how terrible it had been.  But then it all went bad and I had a horror story after all.

The last two times I've renewed my license I was able to do it on line,  but now that I'm over 70, I needed to go in and take the written test.   Everyone talks about waiting for hours, but I was the second person in line and only had to sit and wait, after I'd registered, for about 10 minutes.  I actually wanted it to be longer because the next person in line was Howard Hupe, of the Winters Theater Company, one of my favorite people and I didn't have enough time to chat with him.

In anticipation of problems with my right eye, I had been to the doctor to get a note saying I was safe to drive with vision in only one eye.  Proud of myself, I turned in the form.  The clerk looked at it, she took it to another clerk.  Two more clerks came over and there was this long confab that went on, including lots of glancing in my direction.

Ultimately, since my vision listed by the doctor is 20/200 in the right eye, which does not meet DMV standards, I have to take a road test.  In the car.  I don't know what they do with people who are missing eyes, but 20/200 with a doctor's message saying that's just fine doesn't cut it with the DMV.

I went through the rest of it--got my picture taken, passed the written test (partly thanks to David and Paul, who both died while drunk, which means I know what the legal limit is over which you are considered drunk -- 0.08%)

The first clerk made an appointment for me for a driving test and went on my way, expecting to return to take my test and have the thing finished.

When I told Walt what time my test was going to be he reminded me that at that time we would be at the Sacramento Airport getting ready to fly to Seattle for the weekend.  Doh!

I searched to find how to reschedule the appointment and finally found a place to cancel, so I figured I would cancel and then make another appointment.   It took awhile to get the "cancel" to take,but I think it did.

But then I tried to make another appointment. 

After filling out all the information and waiting and waiting, I got a message that my appointment could not be scheduled on line, but I would have to call their 800 number.

So I called the 800 number and waded through about a dozen recorded option menus until I finally reached the one that gave me the option of making an appointment.  When I did that, it said that my appointment could not be made using their automated system, but that I would have to talk with a real person.


So I accepted the invitation to talk with a real person.  I was given the option of hanging up and having them call me back, but I was going off to Logos and I didn't know if they would call in time, so I decided to just sit on the phone.

Then I learned that the wait time was 30-60 minutes.

Needless to say, I did not make an appointment.  I will wait until next week and go to the office in person and make my appointment then.  Let's see how that can be screwed up!!!


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