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24 January 2014

Well, this was more like it.  This was the sort of day I envisioned when I dreamed up the "Today at Logos" idea.  It was pretty busy today. 

There was a strange face at the desk when I arrived.  It was a new volunteer, working her first stint.  She told me she had wanted to volunteer for some time, but her schedule didn't permit it, but she finally was able to work it in.   She was a bit nervous and said she had some problems during her time at the desk, but that overall it had been good and she had enjoyed herself.  She also bought the book she was reading.  I told her that was an occupational hazard!

A woman was standing behind her with 3 cookbooks, one of which was called "No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat" and I refrained from adding "no flavor."  The other two books were a Tofu cookbook and a vegetarian cookbook.   I'm glad I don't know her.  I don't think I would enjoy dinner at her house!

The guy who makes his own hats out of paper came in, but just shuffled around for a bit and then left.  While he was there, a couple came in and browsed for a very long time, including time they sat at the table in the front and read to each other.  When they finally checked out we got to talking.  Turns out they were killing time while their Chihuahua was having surgery at UCD for a ruptured disc.   The guy told me he had been born in San Francisco, but only lived there 18 months before his parents moved to Ventura, where he became "a surfer dude."  They were very pleasant people.

Throughout the day there was always someone at the $1 book carts outside, and often more than 3 people there.  Several actually came in and bought a book from the cart.

A tall woman, who reminded me of Bea Arthur strode in, standing erect and looking upward.  I wasn't sure what she was doing until she mentioned that the artist who painted the artwork that adorns the wall this month is a neighbor of hers.

I checked the time when a guy came in and bought "Of Mice and Men" and another literature type book. It was 2:45. By that time last week, I had not yet seen a single customer.  Today by this time I had 10 customers and more standing outside looking at the Bargain Books.

Another volunteer, who introduced herself as "Beth" came in with two containers of donations.  She told me they had belonged to a friend who died and that "some of them are kind of old."  Look at the Photo of the Day.   This was inside the cover of a small book of "Uncle Tom's Cabin."  I had to check on when the book had first been published and it was 1852, less than 50 years before this book was given to the recipient.

For a few minutes there were no customers and I almost got caught taking a selfie.  I was actually going to take a video, showing the artwork, but first I was taking a picture of me in the book stacks again.  But suddenly a big bellied guy walked in and I quickly put the cell phone away.  I took it after he left.

012314.jpg (45889 bytes)

(I also took a video that went to Instagram and Facebook and which showed some of the new artwork)

An older woman rushed in and asked if I had books on travel to Costa Rica.  I directed her to the travel section, she looked and then rushed out saying she would remember us for next time.

A guy in a  strange cap (coulda been a baseball cap or a fishing hat) over his grey pony tail came in.  He was wearing baggy jeans, but his long shirt covered up what might have been a nice photo for Mary Wise.  He went to the free arts newspapers, waved "thank you" and left.

Next a dad with two sons came in.  The boys were whining and the older boy looked afraid of me as he passed by the desk on his way to the children's room.   For a time there was arguing and whining as Dad tried to calm things down.   Ultimately the older boy chose "Captain Underpants" and the younger one took "The Little Mermaid."  About half an hour later, they passed by the front of the store, still carrying their books.

There was a lull of about half an hour until "my friend" came in (some day I'll ask his name).  I showed him the "Uncle Tom's Cabin" book and he was impressed.  He bought two spy books, "I'm doing real spies and fictional spies this week," he said, as one was non fiction and one was fiction.   As usual, I screwed up his sale and he had to point out that I was giving him back twice as much as he should have gotten.  Why do I do that???

The next woman bought a book called "Fundamentals of Statistical Thermodynamics."  I mentioned that I had typed a book called "Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics" back in the 60s...and that I had typed it 3 times because there were no computers then. She was unimpressed.

The last customer of the day was a woman who said she was here to pick up a book she had put on hold the previous night.  It was a Diana Gabaldon book, so naturally we talked a lot about the Outlander series and she told me Gabaldon is doing a book signing at the Sacramento Public Library in June, a week after her next book is released.  She took my e-mail address to send me information about it.

A nice way to end the day!  -- a nice busy day and I didn't mention about 1/4 of the customers who came in.


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