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19 January 2014

We missed Ernest & Vanessa's wedding because we were flying back to Istanbul that day.  A legitimate reason for missing the wedding, but I tried to talk Walt into skipping Istanbul because I know how much fun his family weddings are.   I guess I'm glad that he talked me out of it and sticking with the Istanbul plan because I'd never have that chance again, but we did miss a good party!

Ern is Ernest Kevin Huddleston Baur, Walt's cousin's son.  We were at his sister's wedding in Maryland three years ago.  Ern was marrying Vanessa, whom we had met on that occasion and whom we fell in love with.  My special moment from the previous wedding was the day after the wedding when we all met at a crab shack for what turned out to be an afternoon party and an evening dinner.  The Baurs just canNOT say goodbye to each other.

At one moment, there was a clump of us standing together -- all the female in-laws.  Me, Olivia's (Walt's sister-in-law), Melissa (Walt's cousin's wife), and Vanessa and we were telling Vanesssa about the infamous "Hour Baur" while she nodded her head in agreement, groaned with us and said that yes, she was all too familiar with those endless Baur family goodbyes.  I knew then that she was going to be a great addition to the family.

Steamers.jpg (147682 bytes)

Yesterday we had word from Norm (Walt's brother) that Ern and Vanessa were in California and would be having lunch with them today.  He invited us and Ned & Marta to come along.

dempseys.jpg (91260 bytes)We went to Dempsey's, a brew pub in Petaluma (apparently the oldest brewpub in Sonoma County), where Norm had asked for seating on the patio, so we could look out on the river which runs right by the restaurant.

By the time we came to the unanimous conclusion (after the table had been set for us) that it was too cold on the patio, the big tables inside had been taken, so we just bundled up and continued to stay outside.  By the time we had finished our huge lunch, the sun had risen higher and it was a bit warmer and more comfortable to sit there.

The nice thing about this place is it's a great place to people watch.  There is a bridge from there over the river to the old section of downtown, and it was a very busy bridge.  I watched couples strolling hand in hand, parents pushing strollers, dog walkers (one old gentleman was carrying a Chihuahua wrapped in a blanket in his arms...I suggested to Walt that he might like to take Polly out for walks).   Another dog walker had his dog in a stroller behind his bicycle.  There was a grandpa holding hands with his granddaughter, and a group of about four or five bikers, all dressed in electric yellow biking outfits who sped over the bridge, weaving their way in and out among the walkers.

PetalumaBridge.jpg (170346 bytes)

Under the bridge were kayakers. But the most fun were the dogs.  

DempseysDogs.jpg (186188 bytes)

It doesn't show much at all in this picture, but there are six dogs tied to the fence on the  right and a woman with 3 small dogs on leashes on the left.  Apparently people eating at the restaurant tie their dogs to the fence while they eat.  The restaurant seems to supply bowls for water, because each dog had a matching bowl and when the dogs were gone, the bowls remained.  They were incredibly well behaved, all of them.

We had huge lunches.  I ordered my cheeseburger with onion rings instead of fries and the waitress brought it to me with fries and grilled onions on the burger.  She let me keep the fries (which were quite good!) while she ordered shoestring onion rings on the house.  They were delicious and even I couldn't finish them, even with help from Ned and Marta!

onionrings.jpg (175181 bytes)

But most fun was getting the chance to visit with Ern and Vanessa, hearing their plans for the rest of their time in California, hearing about Ern's new job, and listening to them all reminisce about the wedding.  We were the only ones who had not been there.

VE.jpg (192273 bytes)

After lunch, we went back to Norm and Olivia's house for some more visiting before we all had to get on the road and head home (I needed to watch the SAG awards, after all!)

Really a lovely day.  I remember when Ernest was a little kid and to see him now all grown up (age 30), married, and starting life as a private contractor for TV sporting events...it makes me realize how quickly the time has passed.



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