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12 January 2014

The Fast Dozen Meme

From the archives at All Stace, All The Time

What is the last book that you passed on to someone else to read?
Since I do most of my reading on the Kindle, I don't usually have "books" to pass along to people, but I did give a book on dementia to a friend who is dealing with a friend with dementia.

The one song you secretly or not so secretly want to sing at karaoke?
Well, I'm terribly terribly inhibited and so I have no desire, secret or otherwise, to sing karaoke.  Besides, it has been so long since I've sung anything that I have a vocal range of about six notes, if that.

If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
Barbara, because that's what people who don't know me well call me anyway, when they can't remember my name.  That almost was my name, until my mother decided she didn't want two Barbaras in the family and her sister was named Barbara.

What do you wish your administrator or boss would notice?
Well, the only "administrator or boss" I have would be the new entertainment editor at the newspaper and we have already ironed out our differences, so I guess there is nothing more that I need for her to know.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
I dunno.  Maybe bad grammar.  But I've given up thinking that people these days will learn the difference between to and too, between its and it's, between your and you're.  

What holds you back in pursuing your biggest dream?
Age, weight, energy, desire, and the lack of a big dream to begin with!

Why do you think you are a lovable person?
I am loyal, funny, and affectionate.  Too many people don't seem to care about those qualities, though.

If every day had an extra hour in it, what would you do with it?
Probably sleep.

The last song you turned up in your car or house was?
Probably one of the songs from Book of Mormon, which we listened to on the way home from a show the other day.

What is a secret talent you may have?
I can wiggle my ears.

Your favorite thing to do outside when it's not too cold out in the winter?
I used to like walking in the rain, if it wasn't raining too hard and if I didn't have to walk too far.  I love the smell of the rain and the feel of it on my face and hair.

How do you respond if someone asks you an inappropriate or nosy question?
I haven't been asked one of those in so long, I don't know.  I would like to think that if such a question were asked, I would respond "why do you want to know?"   


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