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8 January 2014

I have been putting off getting a haircut for far too many weeks.   I get it cut at SuperCuts and somehow I just didn't take the time to stop by there and have it cut.  But when it starts growing 2" longer than my hairline, it's definitely time.

I went to my mother's for lunch first.  I hadn't been there since last Friday and I had actually done a lot since I saw her.  She always asks, many times, "so what's new with you" but today she didn't need to do that because I was bombarding her with so much information.

We had a nice lunch and my friend Peggy stopped by after she finished her lunch (her table was full) and we chatted with her.  She finally told my mother that she is moving in March.  I could see Momma was unhappy to hear that.  I think she and Peggy have become good friends and Peggy is so good about looking out for people.  I will be sorry not to see her at mealtime all the time too.   But we still have 2-3 months before we have to go into mourning.

My mother is needing a laundry done and I was going to do it with her today, at Atria, but I really didn't feel like sitting in the laundry room, so I told her I would come tomorrow and bring her clothes home with me to wash BUT before I took them, we were going to photograph them so that if she didn't recognize them when I brought them back, we would have the pictures to look at.  She seemed confused by why I thought this was necessary, but we'll see how it goes and if this is a solution to her not recognizing her clothes (I still haven't been able to sneak back the clothes she has given away befor).

I finally left around 1:30 and went off to SuperCuts.  My problem with SuperCuts lately has been that no matter how short I ask them to cut it they usually leave it, especially the top part, too long.  But I don't think I can make that statement today!

haircut114.jpg (125571 bytes)

I'm happy with it, though with winter approaching (I hope!) this may not have been quite the right time to go so short!

(I'm lovin' that remote control for the iPhone camera.  I have also ordered an iPhone tripod which should be here any day now, I think)

I had a rather weird email today and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  It is from a site called Heart Writing and the message reads:

Our new website, www.HeartWriting.com is specifically for baby boomers, grandparents and seniors.  It lets folks write notes to their loved ones, which are delivered posthumously. The notes can offer advice, recall happy memories, or simply say “I love you”

I don't know.  It sounds kind of creepy.  I don't know how I would feel getting a message from the beyond, though I do admit that if you wanted to have the last word in a dispute, this is sure the way to do it!  But I heard back from the writer who gives me her pricing at $1.40 a month for a 5 year membership.   This means that if I plan to live to my mother's age, will spend a fortune to keep letters at the ready for my demise...and who knows how long this company will be around.   Sounds like a great deal for the very gullible.  Not for me (though sending Peggy a message that would arrive after my death does have some sort of gruesome appeal!)


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