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26 February 2014

Walt turns 74 today, but he is going to be at a meeting this evening, so Ned and I decided we would celebrate his birthday last night.

saladbar.JPG (47046 bytes)Ned said that he and Marta would come over and help get the new Roku player that I'd bought for Walt set up and then they would take us out to dinner.  We let Walt decide where to go and he chose Steve's Pizza, which we like and where we had not eaten in a long time.

Marta used to work there and they have the very best salad bar in town. It's probably the only place I can think of where I will willingly stop and go to lunch just for the salad bar.

We stood around deciding what to have with our salads and finally chose two pizzas, one with garlic, basil, and bleu cheese, and one with pepperoni. I ordered my usual water to drink, but then decided...hey...it's pizza!  I'll join the others and have a beer.  I can't remember when I last had a beer, but beer and pizza sounded like a good idea.

Then we hit the salad bar.

saladbar2.JPG (62389 bytes)

Walt got to pile his salad high with beets, which he loves and I don't, so never serve at home.

Ned just piled his salad high period.

NedsSalad.jpg (50941 bytes)

What a nice dinner, sitting around reminiscing about all things Davis.  We had a laugh when I talked about a letter I had just received from one of my sponsored kids, a boy in Haiti.  I had written about visiting a farm that Ned's friend owned.  Jon has two sheep, named Zinnia and Periwinkle and I had written to all the kids sending them a picture of the sheep and saying how silly the names were.   Lovson had written

Zinnia and Periwinkle are two beautiful names.  I will name my children like that.  I will give them those names.

Apologies in advance to Lovson's two children, if he goes through with this promise!!!

Ned and Marta went home and we came back to the house to watch Jeopardy and I remembered why it is that I don't drink any more.  One beer and I was so sleepy I couldn't stay awake, so I went to sleep at 9:30 and got up at 4:30 to write this entry.

We will probably never leave home again.  Ever, ever.  As I said above, I bought Walt a Roku player for his birthday.   For those unfamiliar with Roku, this is a device which allows you to stream movies and original TV dramas (like Netflix's original House of Cards) to your television screen.  Its web pages promises "a movie a day. every day. for 82 years!"  With the ability to watch Netflix movies and original TV shows, Amazon Prime's new TV shows, and catch up on TV shows we may have missed on Hulu and I don't know what else because I have barely tipped my toe into the waters of Roku, we may spend the rest of our lives sitting in our chairs watching television.  Unlike now. 

smiley4.gif (295 bytes)

I really did buy the Roku for Walt because I've been watching streaming stuff on my iPad and he's been miffed because he hasn't seen some of the things I've been watching and I wanted to share some of this stuff with him (especially now that House of Cards is in its second season; I've been holding off watching Season 1 so we could watch it together).  But yeah, I also bought it for me too.  This way I don't have to hold the iPad in my lap to watch.  That's got to be the ultimate in laziness.  Probably comes  from drinking too much beer...



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