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21 February 2014

Sandy had had a busy morning, she was pleased to report when I showed up at Logos at 2.  There were lots of people there and the store looked busy, but it turned out it was all her family.  She introduced me to her wife, her daughter, and her two grandchildren, a 6 week old little boy and a girl who told me that tomorrow she will be 6.  Sandy was teaching her granddaughter how to work the cash register, two purchase the two books the girl was going to take home with her.  I was picturing working with Bri to show her the same thing.

The baby needed to eat, so they retired to the front of the store where Sandy and her wife stood in front of the Mom, who nursed the baby to take the top off of his hunger.  Took me back to my old La Leche League days!

My first customer was a guy who came in to buy one of the dollar books from outside.  He was very friendly asked me how things were going and when I said "fine" he left the store happily.

The next customer, who bought nothing, was like your stereotypical New York author/poet. He was very tall and thin, had shoulder-length curly hair, his clothes were rumpled and he wore a scarf around his neck and sunglasses. He held himself in the way you would see an actor playing the role would hold himself.  He finally left after about 30 minutes and met a kid, about 12, in a backwards turned baseball cap waiting for him outside.  They made an incongruous twosome.

A barrel-chested man wearing a NASA t-shirt came in hoping to see Sammy, Susan's son's dog, whom he had seen  the week before.  He joked that since Sammy wasn't there he didn't need to buy anything (though he did buy a dollar book before he left).  We talked about dogs and his cat and then, when he had chosen a Jason Bourne book, we discussed Matt Damon's portrayal of Jason Bourne and Sean Connery as James Bond and how while in the books the characters could never age, in the movies the actors do.

At 2:30, a woman with a heavy backpack came in and settled herself at the table in the front of the store, where she brought a stack of about six travel books, looked through them, then put them back and took another stack to check.  She was wearing black tights and a long loose sweater which came to about her hip level and scratched her bum as she stood looking around the store.

Two people, a man and a woman, came in independent of each other, each with stacks of books for donations.  When I moved them to the back room I was surprised to see how many books were there already.  They could open a second store just from what is in the back room, as yet unpriced.

A professor type came in, looking like Michael Gross on Family Ties.  After a very long time he bought a book about Newspapers of the period 1700-1750.

At 3:00 a wonderful thing happened.  The door opened and a woman walked in and introduced herself to me.  It was Sherry Klimek Hunt, who has been reading this journal from the first couple of years. We also know each other from Facebook, but we had never met before.  She was in town to see her grandchildren.   What a deightful woman and what a good visit we had (I was glad that it was a time when there were no customers in the store).  We decided that when she is next in Davis we will have to plan to get together for a longer visit.

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Those who have not developed internet friendships can't understand the special (and unique) relationship that develops between people who "see" each other frequently on line.  It's not the same as a real time friendship, but it's very real in its own way.

After Sherry left, the store was completely empty for over half an hour.  My total sales to that point was $10.56.  Not very good.  But the 4-ish o'clock rush started, right on schedule.  A woman who looked like Gilbert's great-niece, Rachel if she were stretched to twice her diminutive height came in and bought two fantasy books.

A gender neutral person came in, very tall, with black curls standing very tall on the head.  It wasn't until he spoke that I realized he was a young man. Very striking looking.  It was his first visit to the store and told me he was "falling in love with it" and wanted to know about volunteering.

An Asian man came in asking for books by Nevil Shute, a name which sounded familiar but I didn't know why until he bought "A Town Like Alice," which I had read last year.  On that Nevil Shute!

A man who looks like Ned's friend KC will look in 20 years came in.   He was balding and his hair was white (and he needed a haircut) but he had KC's face, with more wrinkles.  He bought three textbooks, and got a good deal at $31.

He was followed by a man who bought 4 books from the "old books" shelf.  They were all published in the early 1800s and he got all four for $17, which he said was the most he'd ever spent at Logos.

"My Friend" arrived right on the dot of 4.  This week he bought a book by Al Franken and a big coffee table book of photos from Carmel. And yes, I screwed up his change again!

A girl spent a long time in the literature section and bought 10 boooks, mostly Graham Greene.  She paid $55.

It's spring.  Blossoms are popping out on the trees and when Walt walked through the door at 6 it was still light...and warm outside!   I'm not ready to say goodbye to the winter we haven't had yet!


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I found a great use for the Wonderbag when it's not cooking something.
It makes a great iPad rest for watching videos.


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