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23 December 2014

Friday was "Family Movie Night," last night was hamburger out night, and tonight was Greek Night,.

When we arrived at Tom's, Uncle Norm was busy reading a book of Greek Heroes and Legends to Brianna, who was sucking on a blue cheese stuffed Greek olive.

(She didn't like it much)

Elsewhere in the room, Auntie O was reading to Lacie

Meanwhile, Daddy was outside showing off his gyro to Uncle Joe.

We were all convinced he couldn't put what was essentially a meatloaf on a spit and roast it over the BBQ, but he proved us wrong.

Soon it was time for the movie, Disney's Hercules.  The girls dressed in togas and sandals...

...Bri got her Pegasus stuffed animal she bought at Disneyland...

and they settled in with their gyros and dolmas (the gyros were a hit; the dolmas were not).

In truth, the movie was pretty stupid and I was the only adult who stuck it out to the end.  The rest retreated to the patio to watch football on Tom's outdoor television set.

We all were fading fast, and it was time for the girls to go to bed.

As soon as they were on their way to bed, we headed back to Alice Nan & Joe's to collapse ourselves.

We have had 3 nice days with the girls and know that tomorrow Uncle Ned will arrive and they won't even know we are there any more.


Sunrise this morning

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