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18 September 2013

I did this after one of our other cruises, possibly the Russia cruise 4 years ago.  I tried to take pictures of the people who made the most impression on us, and the people we will remember from this cruise (with the help of this photo guide!).   Note to Char:  I did candid pix when people didn't know I was photographing them.  If you have some more flattering pictures of some of these folks (I know you do), e-mail them to me and I will substitute.  Also, if you have any corrections or additions to the descriptions, that would be good too!

BobLinda.jpg (31086 bytes)

Bob and Linda became our best friends on the trip.  They are from Dallas and "newlyweds," marrying 3 years ago after the death of both of their spouses.  We had a lot of fun with them.  Bob took more photos than I did.
John and Mary were such delightful people.  Some of our favorite on this cruise. Thanks to Char for the good picture!

FACJohnM.jpg (36384 bytes)

FACBrits.jpg (29708 bytes)

Loved this couple, from Britain, though I never got their name.  He was the guy who said "We have parks in England too, but they usually have grass in them."  She looks solemn, but actually had a dry wit.
This lady was the eldest of four sisters from Canada taking this trip.   We had dinner with them one night.  They said they were from a family of 7 children and realized that they aren't getting any younger, and wanted to spend more time together.  They were delightful.

FACSister.jpg (36167 bytes)

FACSister2.jpg (40742 bytes)

Another one of the 4 sisters.
Orren and Margo were the first people we met, at the hotel in Kiev.   I didn't get to know her well (or him either, actually), but he was amazing, hunched over his cane and hobbling ahead, not willing to miss a single thing. And I don't think he did.

FACOrren.jpg (35371 bytes)

FACLorraine.jpg (34242 bytes)

Lorraine was a neat lady who has wanted to go to Russia all of her life.   She was traveling with her friend, Barbara, and the two of them had visited some places in Russia before taking this trip.
We spent more time with Jean and David in Istanbul than on the cruise.   Nice people.  David is very soft spoken, but very interesting.  Jean seems to be an aging hippie.

FACJeanDav.jpg (30123 bytes)

FACAlex.jpg (31755 bytes)

Alex was the youngest on the trip, traveing with his parents and sister (we figured out).  Mostly he slouched around, wearing a baseball cap and looking decidedly out of place, but we were surprised at how well he cleaned up for the Captain's dinner...and he was invaluable finding people who missed the bus in Istanbul.
This is Alex's sister (I think).  I almost never saw her on the cruise; this photo was taken the night we went to the "meat restaurant" in Istanbul.

FACAlexSis.jpg (35535 bytes)

FACBoris.jpg (28693 bytes)

This is the father of Alex and his sister.  Char says his name is Boris.  He seems to have a Russian background, though obviously has lived in the US for years and has zero residual Russian accent.
This woman is from Australia and had that very practical, skeptical Aussie attitude I recognize so well.  The only time I saw her laughing was when she and another woman managed to get a discounted scarf for someone at the Blue Mosque, convincing the seller that they had paid only 20 Lire for their scarves, and getting him to knock 5 Lire off the price of the scarf he was trying to sell to someone else.

FACAus.jpg (32294 bytes)

FACRugCpl.jpg (37187 bytes)

We had dinner with this couple one night.  They were very friendly and apparently very religious, as I saw them hold hands and pray at every meal.  This picture was taken at the rug demonstration in Istanbul and you can see how excited we all were to sit there and listen to a rug spiel for an hour!
Jean is from Philadelphia and was traveling with her friend Anita, from Florida.  I saw them all throughout the cruise, but they seemed stand-offish until we got to Istanbul, when they were very friendly.

FACLJean.jpg (40880 bytes)

FAC23.jpg (34890 bytes)

I really wish I had a better picture of these women.  They were making their twenty-third cruise, their first with Viking.  Both are retired teachers. The woman on the right is Mary.  I don't know the name of the one on the left, but she reminded me of Patricia Neal.
This was the guy I called "day glow guy" for most of the trip until I discovered I knew him from Facebook, and that his name is Albert.  He was a newlywed but I'm not sure what his wife's name is.

FACAlb.jpg (33070 bytes)

FACScot.jpg (29566 bytes)

This sweet woman is from Scotland and I so desperately wanted her to be Davina Porter (narrator of the Diana Gabaldon books) that I actually looked up photos of Porter to make sure she was not...but she kinda sorta reminded me of my memories of an interview I had seen with Porter.
Ann was quite a character.  She is French, though has lived in the US for over 40 years (without losing her accent).  She was going to leave the cruise in Odessa and fly to Paris to meet her husband, where they were going to celebrate their anniversary.

FACAnn.jpg (35555 bytes)

FACElmer.jpg (29999 bytes)

This is Elmer and his wife Jolita.  I can't remember anything specific about them, except they were a delightful couple (I think they are from California)


DogsPool.jpg (114457 bytes)

A painting we saw in Zaporozhye


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