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6 October 2013

This one is right up my alley!

Name your favorite movie actor:
Of all time, Spencer Tracy

Name your favorite movie actress:
Of all time, Judy Garland (not that she was one of the greatest actress, but she just spoke to me in all her films.

Name your favorite tv actor:
Oh so many, but Matt Bomer (White Collar) has been a favorite since the show started. (I love it that he's a  married gay actor and a dad, whose sexual orientation has never been a big deal).  Also Martin Sheen.  I still want him to run for President.

Name your favorite tv actress:
Hard to say, but maybe Jane Lynch, though I don't much like her character on Glee.

Name your favorite television show right now:
Probably NCIS, since I watch so many marathons!  Also add to the mix The Daily Show, Scandal, White Collar, and The Big Bang Theory.

Name a few really cool movies you’ve recently seen:
Since January we have seen exactly 3 movies in the theater:  Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook, and Star Trek: Into Darkness.  We enjoyed all of them.

Your favorite canceled television show:
The Dick Van Dyke Show and The West Wing

Name one movie you wish you hadn’t wasted time/money on recently:
Actually, since I rarely go to movies, the only movie I can think of I started watching more than 10 years ago.  It was Dr. T and the Women and it was so bad that we walked out of it.  I'm sure there are a LOT of "waste of time" movies out now, but since I almost never go to theater, I can't name any.

You would never watch a movie with:
I hate stupid shows where people are acting like idiots (like Dumb and Dumber).   I tried Bridesmaids because people raved about it so much and I could not get past the first half hour or so.  Just didn't enjoy it at all.  I tried twice.  I also prefer not to watch things with a lot of violence, or horror movies.

Favorite candy/food to watch movies with:
I actually can watch an entire movie without food and almost always do, but if you offer me popcorn, I won't refuse.

Three favorite tv channels:
CBS, USA, and probably A&E

Favorite reality or competition show:
Amazing Race for reality show (I won't watch anything with any real housewives in it, or any of the mating-and-dating shows).  We watch Jeopardy every night and record it if we aren't going to be home, so we don't miss it.  I also enjoy most of the cooking competition shows.

Cable or satellite?
Cable (ComCast)

Do you watch more movies at home or at the theater?
We rarely go to the theater.  We saw 2 movies last year and 3 so far this year.

Is there a time of year that you watch more tv?
Since the TV is on just about 24/7 here, that's a difficult question to answer, but my little heart leaps up in the fall when my old favorites return for a new season and the new shows are there to preview and decide whether they are worth watching or not.


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Peg and my mother at a party today at Atria


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