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20 May 2013

Following the e-mail from my mother's stepdaughter yesterday, I found myself back in the throes of worry about the Big Move this week.  It was 4 a.m. before I was able to get to sleep, and 6:30 when I woke up.  I took a shower, got dressed, and waited to hear from Jeri

Around 8 a.m. this morning, I had a text message from Jeri, who had spent last night at Tom & Laurel's.  She was letting me know that the house was awake and that I was invited to come over for pancakes.  I woke Alice and Joe up to let them know I was leaving...and that they were invited too...and headed on over for a pancake breakfast.

BfstTbl.jpg (80568 bytes)
(Jeri took the picture; Laurel was making us all smile!)

I was sitting there with my pancakes and my coffee and suddenly there was coffee everywhere, the cup overturned, and liquid dripping off of my pants and onto Brianna's socks to the floor.

What was great about the accident was that innocent little Lacie had spilled the coffee not me!

LaciePen.jpg (67494 bytes)

I'm usually the klutz that does something like that.  Have I passed the torch down to my little granddaughter? One can only hope!

Jeri and I packed up our stuff and were on the road before 10:30.   We called my mother and Walt from the car bluetooth...I'm learning to enjoy that little feature of our new car! It was fun to have 3-way chats.  We told my mother we would be there ASAP.

I drove as far as Gilroy, where we stopped to get some cherries from a roadside stand, and then Jeri drove the rest of the way.  We chatted the whole way, so nice to have Jeri there and such a luxury to have 7-8 hours for visiting.

The house finally looks like someone is moving.  Ellen (my mother's stepdaughter) had written that it seemed to upset my mother when she packed things because she is still waiting for "someone" to come and take stuff and seems hurt that nobody wants any of her things, but some things have been packed and there are boxes around.  I did pack up a set of dishes I wanted, and that seemed to please her.

I have set Jeri to the task of helping her choose the clothes she is going to move and finding my mother's cell phone--which is somewhere, They are going to come to Davis on Tuesday, so Jeri can see the place and my mother can (I hope) remember what it looks like which, even with a tour of the place and the pictures I brought to her a week ago, she still can't do.

We had a vodka & tonic and Jeri took the photo she always takes, to send to Phil to let him know that she had arrived safely at Grandma's.

LastToast.jpg (78564 bytes)

Then Jeri went out to get a pizza which we had for dinner, and I left them behind to drive home.  My mother's back is really bothering her and this was the first time I can remember when she did NOT come outside to wave goodbye to me and tell me to "drive carefully--you've got my kid in that car."

This is going to be a full week, but at the end of it, my mother will finally be living in Davis.


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I don't get a chance to take pictures like this much any more!

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