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19 May 2013

The day started today with Alice, Jeri and I driving to the UC Santa Barbara campus to watch Brianna's gymnastics class. Alice Nan and Jeri had been to her classes before, but I had not.

It was a glorious day and the campus was filled with bougainvilea covered walls.

It was great fun watching those little girls work on balance and jumping skills, though difficult to take pictures in the low light with a zoom lens!

a trampoline landing

After a game of hide and seek on the campus, Jeri went home with Tom and Bri and I came back here with Alice.  Joe had a nice breakfast waiting for us.

I couldn't keep my eyes opened.  Joe and Alice were going to a party at 2, and at 12, I sat down to read my book...next thing I knew the house was all quiet and it was 3 p.m.  I had a very long nap!

Around 5, I went over to Tom's and found that Bri had a big surprise waiting for me.

Yes, the training wheels came off the bike today!  She was very proud of herself.  While she practiced riding back and forth across the yard, Lacie and I bonded over a book.

In the evening, Joe and Alice arrived and we all enjoyed a Screwdriver made with Tom and Laurel's blood orange tree and a vat of Kraft Mac'n'Cheese, while watching Wreck It Ralph, given that this is May 18. 

I have to admit to fighting tears, a little bit, realizing that David died 17 years ago today, before Tom met Laurel and thinking how much both he and Paul would have loved these little nieces of theirs.

By the time the movie was over, Bri was exhausted and so I just left quickly, so she could get to bed.  Jeri spent the night at their house; tomorrow we head up to my mother's to begin her Last Week in her current house.

I had an email from her stepdaughter tonight, giving me a report on how this week has gone (she has been helping her pack).  I could feel the weight of worry descending on me again.  I hadn't realized what a marvelous tonic being here for 3 days with the kids, knowing that someone was there working with my mother was.  But all good things come to and end and it's time to click my ruby slippers together and head for home again.  I feel like this is the most important, and most scary adult thing I've done (aside from raising children) and I just hope I'm doing it right.


From Bri's parent-teacher conference

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