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12 May 2013

My Compassion friend Michelle, who writes Blogging from the Boonies does something like this all the time, but Sunday Stealing credits it to a blogger named Danielle, from her blog Sometimes Sweet. Danielle doesn't say where she got it originally--but it was probably stolen from somewhere cool.  Tracing back the thefts of those that we steal from could take a while. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Thinking about:
I'm thinking about tomorrow, Mother's Day.  Ned is making brunch for us at my mother's house, probably our last formal family meal there.  We have to rent a car to get there, but we also have an appointment with a car dealer on Monday, so a new car may be in our future sooner than I expected

Actually, I am feeling two things at the moment:  full and sleepy.  I made chili for dinner and only ate one bowl, but it was filling.  I always feel sleepy at this time of night, that post-prandial sleepiness which will probably go away as I write this.

In Audio, I am re-reading "Outlander," Book 1 of the Diana Gabaldon series.   So much is foreshadowed in this book, which I probably first read about 20 years ago, that I'm glad I've decided to re-read it, with the knowledge of what is to come.  

As far as "real books," I have two that I am vacillating between.   When I am ready for something a bit more serious, I'm reading a book called "The History of the World in 6 Glasses," which tells how mankind's history has been shaped by the discovery or creation of: beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and Coca Cola.  Fascinating read.

But when I want something lighter in the blood and gore vein, I'm reading James Patterson's "The 8th Confession," part of the Women's Murder Club.  Just started it, so don't know if this is one of Patterson's better ones or if this is going to be one of the books that I toss aside in disgust (Patterson runs hot and cold with me!)

Listening to:
I always have the TV on in the background for "white noise," and right now I'm listening to an old episode of Monk...and Polly whining because she wants me to come and sit with her in the recliner, and I'm not ready!

How history is going to remember this part of our country's life, whether the Republicans are going to be whitewashed or not.  How they are going to explain the calls for impeachment of Obama, the refusal to work with the democrats, and everything else that is frustrating me about this country right now.  Oh to have the benefit of time distance.  I need to find me a craig in Scotland and see if I can try some time traveling.

Looking forward to:
My upcoming trip to Santa Barbara to watch Brianna's dance recital.  I'm sorry Walt can't make it, but it would cost a fortune to put all three dogs in a kennel...and it might just kill Polly, who is now all settled, more or less, into this family, but if she were to be put in a strange scary place with strangers taking care of her, it might set her back years.  So I'll go alone, and come back with Jeri.

It's "death season."  I am missing David and Paul.  Seems impossible to believe it has been 17 and 14 years, respectively.

Well, I may be listening to Monk, but occasionally I glance to my left and check out what is going on.

Nothing. The chili was very good, and served with a tortilla.  I may have a yogurt before I go to bed, but right now the thought of food is not a pleasant one.

Making me happy:
My kids.  Ned is making brunch tomorrow, and this morning a delivery guy showed up at the door with some beautiful flowers from Jeri & Phil, and then about an hour later, an FTD delivery guy showed up at the door with some beautiful flowers from Bri and Lacie, in a personalized vase.

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I am so lucky to have such loving and considerate children!


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