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15 March 2013

Swell.  Someone recommended my journal to someone else tonight, which was very sweet (and flattering) of her...but now I feel performance anxiety for writing a good entry tonight, which ain't gonna be easy!

To get the most important business out of the way first, for all of you who couldn't care less, there is no news on Nana tonight.  She's still pacing around her stall, still big as...well...a horse...and no signs of labor.  Karen said she gave her a bath today, which she seemed to like, since it was so hot, but I haven't seen a sign of her lying down all day, and since I can now get the barn cam on my cell phone, I was able to check many times throughout the afternoon at Logos.

The second thing is something I hesitate to mention, for fear of jinxing it, but something strange is happening with my body.  The two numb fingers are still numb, but less numb.  I realized a couple of days ago that I haven't had problem typing "p" or "o" in days.  The fingers still feel numb, but the kind of numbness you feel when your foot, which has gone asleep, is starting to wake up.  I've gotten so used to not having full use of those fingers, that it will be weird if they actually un-numb after all those years!

Today was my monthly lunch with my friend Kathy at the Olive Garden.   She is "8 lunches" (she says) away from retirement so on our 9th lunch from today, she is going to have something to drink stronger than iced tea because she won't have to go back to work after lunch.

There was lots to discuss today, mostly the election of the Pope, though we covered lots of topics, as we always do.  I was very happy to hear her say that the charges that have been swirling around ever since Pope Francis was elected, about his cooperation with the military junta in Argentina in arresting activist priests and imprisoning them has been refuted by Amnesty International.  He seems like a nice guy and I'd like not to hate him for a little while anyway, though he does thinks that "adoption by gay families is discrimination against children" and that women are not fit to be in positions of authority, but then I would expect nothing less from a 70-something year old Cardinal.  One can only hope he's open to discussing some of these issues eventually.

Walt points out one good thing about this new Pope...at least the Pope is still older than we are (but not by much!)  No Doogie Howser in the Vatican yet!

Now that Kathy is a "short timer," she is more casual about our lunches and we often linger after the salad and soup are finished.  This is great from a friendship standpoint, but I have to get to work in Davis by 2 p.m.  Today, I desperately wanted a nap before work.  If I had gotten home 30 minutes (even 20 minutes) sooner, I would have taken a quickie nap, but as it was, I barely had time to use the bathroom and get back in the car so Walt could drive me to the book store.

The afternoon went more or less uneventfully and after dinner I settled in for Nana-watch again.  Around 11:30 or so, I came in here to start writing this entry.  I decided to check on Nana once again and she was down! 

Birthing.jpg (8290 bytes)

I thought she was giving birth right then, when I saw the dark spots on either side of her tail, but apparently it was her water breaking.  The birth itself didn't take all that long, and I got to sit here and watch the whole thing.   Karen was there to assist in the birth and to spread hay around the stall after the baby was born.  I watched until she finally got up on her legs.

NanaBirthin640.jpg (99463 bytes)

I like the second from the right at the bottom--baby's first photo!

At least Nana-watch has finally ended and I was lucky enough to catch her just in time!  I just checked the camera again.  Nana is lying down and baby Muffin is exploring her new world.  So cute! (When I last checked the cam, she had fallen into the food bin and was trying to get out.  A troublemaker already, and not even an hour old!)


Muffin.jpg (111895 bytes)

Muffin - 20 minutes old
(photo by Karen Malcor-Chapman)

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