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18 June 2013

I love having my mother in Davis.  She gets to see Ned more often!  We included her in a Father's Day celebration by going to the Father's Day BBQ at Covell.  Not much of a bbq, but they were grilling strip steaks out in the parking lot and bringing them into the restaurant.  They were downright tasty, and Walt had two.

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(someday we're going to teach Ned not to be so
nervous around cameras!  LOL)

Someone from the staff came around distributing bow ties to each of the fathers in the room.  I loved the sight of Ned helping his father put his tie on.

FDNedhelp.jpg (42032 bytes)

Somehow a bow tie with a plaid shirt does not exactly make a trending fashion statement!

FDWaltTie.jpg (37110 bytes)

When we had finished brunch, we went back to my mother's apartment where a very weird thing happened.  My mother told me that someone had come into her apartment yesterday and had left their underwear in her bathroom.  I reminded her that I had taken her clothes home yesterday afternoon and washed them and had brought them back that night.  She had a stack of clothes all folded up on a chair, the clothes I had washed, and she swears she had never seen them before and that they belonged to someone else.  I tried to convince her and I will be curious to find out if I actually did because when we left she was still considering taking them to the front desk and telling them that they did not belong to her.

I also started telling Ned and Marta about the goats and the poison ivy at my friend Dair's house and he said that he had seen Dair last week, when she came to visit my mother.  My mother has no memory of their visit.  This morning I found out that Dair and her husband and their granddaughter had come and spent an hour with her. She has absolutely no memory of that at all, and when Dair called to find out if she was going to be home, Ed was there and she told Ed it was "someone trying to sell me something."

The thing that I am wondering now is how long things have been this bad.  I thought I saw her often and Ed saw her often, but seeing her every day is completely different.  I see a lot more and see a lot more of the loss of memory than I ever noticed before and I'm wondering how much of this is due to the whole moving and being in a new place thing and how much was there all along and we never realized it.

Whatever it is, I am so glad that she is somewhere where people are at least aware of her.

Ned & Marta, Walt & I left and went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness.  I had been uninterested in seeing the first Star Trek movie, made in 2009.  Without William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, I didn't see how I could possibly enjoy it, but it was really nice to see, as Ned put it, what an homage to the original series this movie is.  A lot more high tech, of course, but you never lose sight of the original series at all, and the actors playing Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and Uhura are just great, and quite believable as their younger selves (the least believable was Uhura, but she was still good).  I came home to find the 2009 Star Trek on OnDemand and will watch that later this week.

Today I took my mother to see The Great Gatsby, which she enjoyed.  She is even starting to recognize things in Davis.  But while she was going to her room to get her key, I asked the front desk if she had turned in some clothes that she said didn't belong to her.  The woman pulled out a box of clothes, which at least did NOT contain the clothes I washed, but contained other clothes that I recognized, because I gave them to her.  This came from a box that she "found" outside her apartment and snickered when she told me she had pushed it to someone else's apartment so nobody thought she was throwing away garbage.  The the box contains her clothes and now I have to go through it and see how much belongs to her and figure out how to take it back into her apartment without having to convince her that they really are her clothes!

Each day is a new adventure.


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