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17 June 2013

This week's questions come from Do These Shoes Match This Purse? Maggie doesn't say where she got it, but it was probably stolen there as well.

The Weird Question Meme, Part Two

What is your ring size?
It used to be 7.  Now I don't have a clue.  I haven't worn a ring in years.

How often do you wear jewelry?

I wear a pair of jade earrings I bought in China and a necklace from the granddaughters which says "A grandma's love is forever."  I don't take them off.

When was the last time you consumed alcohol?

We had vodka and tonics 3 weeks ago when my mother moved into her new apartment

Any big plans for the summer?

You betcha!  Going to Ukraine and Istanbul (assuming it's not on fire by then) in August-September.

What is your favorite comfort food?

bread and butter

Do you prefer broccoli or asparagus?

It's a tossup, with the edge going to asparagus (which, like artichokes, is God's message that it's OK to eat mayonnaise)

What color are your bedroom walls?

I don't sleep in a bedroom, but my living room walls are a very light yellow. Kind of buttermilk.

With whom do you live?

A husband and 3 dogs

Which Star Wars movie is your favorite?

Can't remember one from another.  (My favorite StarTREK movie was the one with the whales)

How about Harry Potter?

It's been so long since I've seen a Harry Potter, I can't remember.

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Star Trek: Into Darkness.  Saw it today, thanks to Ned & Marta.   Loved it!

Did you get the popcorn or candy?

Difficult as it may be to believe, I am capable of going 2 hours without something to eat...especially at theater prices.

What is the most romantic text in your inbox?

There is no romantic text in my inbox

Have you ever played miniature golf on a date?


What’s a phrase you overuse?

"No problem."  I'm trying to break myself of the habit.

Do you always use good grammar?

I try.

Do you have an accent or a speech impediment?

Everybody has some kind of accent.  I have no speech impediment, other than foot in mouth syndrome

What did you eat today?

Went to a big buffet at Covell today:  eggs benedict, steak (special for Father's Day), sausage, fruit cup and coffee.

What do you do at work?

I don't go to work; when I work at home, mostly I sit and stare off into space.

Do you know the rules to any sports?

I now the basic rules of several sports, but don't ask me to explain the infield fly rule

Do you prefer to watch or play sports?

That should be a no brainer.  Watch, of course.  Playing means...like...moving, right?

What is your favorite kind of hat to wear?

I HATE hats.  I look terrible in hats.  And my head is too big to wear almost all hats.  "One size fits all" does not fit me.  (Apparently Oprah has the same problem. I'm not sure if that is a comfort or not.)

Do you pray?

Not in the traditional sense.

To whom do you pray?

Usually Paul, David, Gilbert and, if S/he's not too busy, God (but I don't want to bother him/her; S/he's got enough on his/her plate these days!)

What is the closest mountain to your house?

Mount Diablo in the San Francisco Bay Area

What size engine is in your vehicle?

V6 (I think)

What do you need to do tomorrow?

Go to something called "brain gymnasium" with my mother.


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Last night's concert at Covell Gardens


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