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8 June 2013

At this time of year, Santa Barbara puts on an amazing show.  Not only is the weather absolutely PERFECT (low 70s and warm-ish) but the jacaranda is in bloom.  There is a blaze of purple everywhere

I remember when Walt's sister lived in a different house, before she and Joe got married.  In the neighborhood was a jacaranda that had three types of jacaranda grafted on the trunk.  Three different shades of purple each year.  But eventually that tree died.  Now I love looking out at displays like the above photo.

Walt and I spent a lazy morning.  I finished reading "Inferno," which ultimately I liked very much.  And I started another book on my iPad.  I now keep the same book on both the iPad and the Kindle so I can switch back and forth since it automatically updates one to match where I was in reading the other.  I'm so spoiled!

Around 2, we went to visit our friends, Dick and Gerry.  Jeri and I had gone to visit them two weeks ago when we were down here for the dance concert, but Walt was not with me then, and it's a whole different vibe when you get Walt and Dick together.

We had such a good three hours, just sitting around reminiscing about a lot of things, the sorts of memories you have stored deep in your memory banks from 50 years ago (who else remembers the "death ray" Dick's physicist father invented that he swore was only good for opening potato chip bags?).  We're always better talking about the 1960s than any current hot button topics, though the kids and grandkids are always great fodder for chit chat.

We had been instructed to get to Tom and Laurel's for "Family Movie Night" at 5 p.m.  They live near Dick and Gerry. When we arrived, Laurel and Bri were out getting pedicures.  Bri came in with red toenail polish sprinkled with gold, for Daddy's 49ers.

Lacie was very interested in her mom's purple nails and kept indicating that she wanted polish on her nails too.

Lacie was a real livewire all afternoon, dancing to music on TV (their exercise time!)

We watched a new video Bri just received.  I didn't get much out of it because the volume was so low I couldn't hear, but it was about koalas being chased by dingos and a big fat crocodile.  I never did figure out why.  Bri watched intently, but Lacie took the opportunity to read.  She seems to be an avid reader and would bring three books out from her room, sit down, go through them page by page, then take them back and bring out three more.

After the movie, I showed them a video on my cell phone of a bird dancing that is so funny, I had to play it for them four different times while they giggle and laughed.  Sadly, I can't find it on YouTube, only on Facebook, so I can't link to it.  But the bird's name is Crusty and she starts dancing to Amazing Grace and it just evolves from there.  Hilarious.  (If you are on FB, I shared it on my page and you can find it there)

We stayed for dinner and then came back to Joe & Alice's, where everyone collapsed and we're all ready for sleep.

The news says it is 103 in Sacramento today.  How happy we are to be here!!



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