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7 June 2013

Well, this may have been a frivolous trip, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Bri was out with her other grandmother when we arrived at the house, but she arrived home skipping and saying "I'm graduating from pre school today" over and over again.  She was so excited and someone had given her a big bouquet of balloons, which she attached to herself as she walked around the house.

Lacie and her babysitter came out into the living room, Lacie all dressed for the upcoming picnic.  Brianna went back into her room to get dressed and make an appearance.  She looked so pretty and was so excited to be all dressed up in a new dress.

There was a little confusion with the shoes, though...

Mostly Bri and Lacie get along remarkably well, but this was such a funny picture, I couldn't resist posting it.

The graduation picnic was held in an outdoor area which was just great.  Lots of room for the kids to run around.

That guy I saw at the dance show was there again, taking pictures of his kid.

I had to kind of elbow him out of the way to get some wine, so I've now rubbed elbows with the Lost cast.

Both Bri's babysitter and Lacie's babysitter came too.

(Andie on the left was Bri's babysitter, but had her own baby
before Lacie was born, so Stephanie has been Lacie's primary babysitter.

Bri and her friend Liam snuggled together with her new graduation fox.

When time came for the more official ceremony, the "graduates" sat down on the lawn and those who are still going to be in the preschool next year sang to them, then they called the graduates up, one by one to get their diplomas.

Once Bri had her diploma, she could care less about the rest of the ceremony, so she and Liam (and a bunch of others) chased each other around the park for...oh... hours.

Everyone left and, as usual, we were just about the last ones out of the park.

Everyone else may have enjoyed Hour Baur, but my knees had given out and I was being eaten alive by mosquitos, so I was very happy to leave, finally.

But despite bad knees and mosquitos, I'm so glad we were here to share all this with Brianna.


The famous dishes in their new home.
(note the 49er helmet on top of the cabinet!)


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