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18 July 2013

I have been trying to start this entry for one hour.   I don't even know if it is now going to make any sense or not, but let me try.

The subject was going to be the show that we saw tonight.  I had pictures to go with it, so I attached the camera to the computer.  I tried to download a photo from the camera but it said that it was an invalid number.  I tried another photo, same thing.  I could SEE them on the screen, but it would not let me download them.

This afternoon, my desktop told me I was almost out of storage on my 120 gig C drive.  Almost everything is stored on different drives to keep the C drive clear, but apparently I had a ton of temp files.  The computer gave me the option of deleting all those unnecessary files.  I said OK and went off to visit my mother.   I'm wondering if freeing up an additional 2 gigs has screwed me royally.

But no problem.  There are work-arounds.  I'll use the other camera, the one that used to work fine and is now iffy.  Downloads on that camera are a breeze.  But not now.  Since I first attached the Canon, it has screwed up how I download from the Panasonic and now I can't do it at all.

Well...OK.  I'll use the laptop, upload them all to Flickr and then download from Flickr to my hard drive.

While waiting for the laptop to boot, I decided to install the software that came with the camera, which I had not done yet.

While that was installing, I checked the laptop, which had frozen.   The only thing to do was reboot.  I did that and finally was able to get to Flickr and choose the 13 photos to upload to a junk folder.  That was 30 minutes ago and they are still uploading.

I came back to check on the install of the Canon software.  It said that there were 4 more files to install and that it would take six minutes. 

I tend to be entirely too impatient, so I turned on The Golden Girls and set the timer for six minutes so I wouldn't tear my hair out.

When the timer went off, I checked the computer.  The "install" bar had not moved.  It now said it would take 13 minutes and there were only 4 files to install.

But after an hour (1 Frasier, 1 Golden Girls), the 13 photos were finally uploaded to Flickr.  Now I have to move them, laboriously, one by one, to my photo file on my external hard drive.  The desktop said there were 4 files to upload and it would take 21 minutes.

Amazingly, after an hour and a half, the software did install.  I have to reboot in order to use it, and I ain't gonna do that until THIS is finished!  Then I'll find out if it really helped, or if it just took up some of that space I just freed up this afternoon.


The show we went to see was called The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety and it is a very odd show about wrestling.  The set certainly made it seem real!

Wrestlerink.jpg (41283 bytes)

It's a comedy that pokes fun at professional wrestling and the actors certainly get a workout.  In fact, one of the actors was injured during a preview and had to drop out.  Fortunately they were able to get another guy who was just finishing the role somewhere else to come in and play it here.  His primary occupation is not actor, but professional wrestler, so he knows the ropes, so to speak!

We all agreed that we hadn't known what to expect when we went in and that it was an odd show...and that we had all enjoyed it.


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