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10 July 2013

A crime fiction writer named Eva Hudson contacted me recently asking if she could do a guest post on my blog/journal.  I agreed to post one for her.   The first part of this entry is that guest post.

Win a free ebook from a prize-winning author

EvaHudson.jpg (35185 bytes)Getting older has a lot going for it. But one of the negatives is feeling a little under-represented in the media and downright transparent on the street. Recently, with movies like Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Hope Springs and Quartet, older people are finally getting starring roles on the big screen, but there can still sometimes be a general feeling of insignificance in everyday life.

The Senior Moment

When the transparent thing first happened to me - I seemed to be able to pass through crowds of people without being noticed - after my initial shock, I thought, what a great idea for a story! What if someone used their invisibility as a force not for evil exactly, but for perhaps less than strictly legal activities. I could already see the TV movie on Showtime. Right away I knew it had to be a mystery, with a little romance thrown in for good measure.

The only problem was I'd never written a screenplay for television, film or anything else. But I had written a novel. So my vision for the movie (starring Judi Dench or Brenda Blethyn or Helen Mirren - take your pick!) became a mystery novel destined for Amazon and a Kindle near you.

The novel is called "The Senior Moment" and is currently available on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AWF9ICO

And thanks to Bev, who has allowed me this guest post slot on her blog, I can now offer a FREE ebook (for Kindle, Nook or other e-reader) to five lucky readers. All you have to do is email me (eva[at]evahudson[dot]com) with the subject line "Free ebook" and I will draw five winners from the hat and email the ebook file to you in the format of your choice.

You can find out about my other books at my website: evahudson.com

About Eva Hudson

Eva Hudson was born and raised in south London and now splits her time between rural Sussex and central London. She's been a local government officer, singer, dot com entrepreneur, portrait artist, project manager, web designer and content editor.

In 2011 she won the inaugural Lucy Cavendish fiction prize for her first novel, The Loyal Servant. The novel was also shortlisted for ITV's People's Novelist Award.

Find out more about Eva at www.evahudson.com, or get in touch via Twitter: @Eva_Hudson.

* * * *

ShowboatUs.jpg (79178 bytes)Thanks, Eva, for the guest entry.

Tonight we took my mother to Sacramento's 63 year old Music Circus, a summer tradition around here.  Of course we didn't begin going to it regularly until I started getting critics' tickets, as the season tends to be a bit spendy.

But the show tonight was Showboat and I thought she would like it.  I managed to convince my fellow critic, Jeff (sitting next to Walt -- Jeff does his reviews on Capital Public Radio, and he fills in for me, sometimes, when I am not in town), to let my mother use his extra ticket.  Actually she went as my +1 and Walt was Jeff's +1.

I was hoping that it wouldn't be too much for her, the hustle and bustle of some 2,000 patrons, the sound level of the stage and the length of the show, but she seems to have loved it and I think I will take her to King and I in another few weeks.

I decided it was good for her to get more stimulation than just sitting in her apartment all day, though she forgot to eat dinner because thought she was going to take Walt and me out to dinner.  But that's OK.  She said she had a late lunch...and who knows...with her memory, she may have had dinner anyway and just forgot.

When we dropped her off, I told her I'd see her in the morning for Brain Gymnasium.  She made a face and said "Do I really need that?" but then she said "Yes, I do," so we'll see what tomorrow has in store for us, brain-wise.



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