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21 January 2013

I don't often get to go to a 103rd birthday party, but if Dr. Herbert Bauer keeps on going as he has been for the past 103 years, I may be going to "rare birthday" parties for years to come.

Regular readers of this blog may remember Herbert's birthday party last year when we tried to collect 102 books for this inveterate reader and ended up giving him 350!

The word this year was no gifts, unless you wanted to give him a cookie or something, since he loves cookies.  I made cookies this afternoon, and made one extra large for Herbert.

HerbertCookie.jpg (67927 bytes)

I wrapped it and gave it to him with a card. 

We were a little late getting to the party since we couldn't leave the house until the 49ers had cinched a spot in the Super Bowl.  We weren't the only ones who arrived on "football time." 

It was a relatively small group, but sincere. 

4th Assembly District Assembly Woman, Mariko Yamada presented Herbert with a special certificate for turning 103.

Mariko.jpg (56829 bytes)

There was a beautiful cake.

Cakesm.jpg (60412 bytes)

But Nancy, our hostess, had figured out a way that Herbert could blow out 103 candles without getting wax all over the frosting. Fix a pan, separate from the cake, fill it with 9 cups of cooked rice, and embed the candles in that!

ricecandles.jpg (80429 bytes)

After the candles were blown out (see "Photo of the Day") we moved into the "cake room" where there were poems read, a song sung and cake cut and Herbert served the first piece.

HerbCake.jpg (82420 bytes)

After we had all eaten, Nancy's grandson entertained us with a piece on the taiko drum.  Considering that he has only been learning the drum for 3 months, it was pretty amazing.

drum.jpg (47518 bytes)

It was a short party, but we all had a good time, and Herbert has been fetted for yet another year.  Such a lovely man.  I feel so honored to be part of the group that celebrates his birthday each year!




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