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15 January 2013

I know that I've mentioned this before and I'll only mention this briefly, but last night must have been really bad.  I typed up my Golden Globes review and I swear that my right hand left out every single "o" that I thought I was typing.  I went back and put in a lot of them and then had to go back and replace more.  Even as I type this, the o's aren't typing, most of them.  So damn frustrating!

But the other thing is what is happening with this damn brain of mine.  When Stallone and Scharzenegger appeared on stage, I made a note to talk about it, but then I couldn't remember Stallone's name, nor could I remember the name of the Rocky pictures.  I finally did remember his name and typed it in, but when I re-read what I had typed it was something completely different.  I actually went back and corrected what I had originally typed and it was not until this morning, and a note from Harriet, who is very good about pointing out my errors, that I realized that instead of typing "Stallone" I had typed "Stallion."  Twice.  Once here on Funny the World and once on Airy Persiflage, which I corrected separately!

I also looked up the movie name Django and typed it in.   When I went back to re-read my entry, I had typed "Gong."  Someone also pointed out that I had typed DowntoWn Abbey instead of Downton Abbey, which makes me angry because I KNOW how to spell it, but apparently my fingers didn't. Stuff like this just gets me every time, especially since I am seeing these "lapses" more and more often.

So I went to the dentist today and spent 2 and a half hours with my mouth like this:

AtCindys.jpg (32630 bytes)

My dentist told me when I went in for my routine cleaning that there was decay under one crown and it would have to be replaced, but when she took x-rays today, she found that the tooth next to it was also bad and it would also need a crown, and maybe root canal.  Fun.

But I learned something interesting.  My cough has been intermittently very frustrating lately and so I mentioned to her that I might have to stop in the middle and take a cough lozenge, which was pretty effective.  She immediately asked if the lozenges were sugar-free and I told her I didn't know.  Well, it turns out that another patient of hers had developed four cavities in the space of a couple of months and they figured out it was from the cough lozenges she had been sucking on.   She said that sucking something with sugar in it is the worst thing you can do for your teeth.  She had me throw away my lozenges immediately and she gave me a bunch of sugar-free ones.

She also said that my mouth was very dry and has prescribed more Spry gum to chew...an over the counter thing that I got after my last appointment and like a lot, so it won't be a problem to chew it, though I have never been a big gum chewer in my life.

She asked if I were taking a certain cardiac medication, which I am.   She said that she takes that medication too, and that one of the side effects is coughing.  I remember long ago reading that, but had forgotten it.  The cough isn't consistently bad enough to try another medication, but it's at least nice to know why I'm coughing so much.

She got me all fixed up with all that equipment and started drilling away.  For a long time.  I absolutely love Cindy because with all the drilling she did, I can honesty say I didn't have so much as a twinge of pain.  She would occasionally take a break to go and attend to another patient for a few minutes.  I had brought my Kindle, so she would sit me up and I would just sit there, mouth in that awkward position, and read my book.

I finally had to giggle, though, when I realized that the book I was reading, which is our book club selection for this month, is called "The Floor of Heaven" by Howard Blum.  It is a book about three guys who are part of the gold rush to Alaska in the late 1800s, and the section I was reading during all this drilling in my mouth was about the guy who discovered the gold in the first place and I was reading the section about his digging out the gold...not drillling, exactly, this being the year that it was, but still I thought it ironic with all the drilling in my mouth and this guy digging for gold.

My jaw was very sore after being held open for so long, so I went for a soft dinner and actually fell asleep at 9 p.m.  Cindy had warned me to let her know if there was any pain in either tooth after the numbness ended, but so far nothing, so it may be that I won't need root canal after all.  And that is a good thing.


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